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CALSCHCalendar and Scheduling (IETF working group)
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the leader in collaborative time management solutions, introduces the next generation of calendar and scheduling software, Meeting Maker Millennium.
0 of the NotWired Mobile Office, adding proxy capabilities to their calendar and scheduling service and advanced CRM capabilities.
Adding sharing to our calendar and scheduling service broadens the scope of scheduling capabilities," said Kevin Clark, President and CEO of NotWired, Inc.
com(TM), the Internet's leading free calendar and scheduling service, today announced that Jim Manzi, the former chairman, president and CEO of Lotus Development Corporation has joined the AnyDay.
AnyDay's free online calendar and scheduling service integrates personal and group calendars, address books, an event planner and more, with an event directory that allows members to find information on millions of public events and put them into their calendar.
WebEvent, the leading online calendar and scheduling solution, runs on virtually every web server available today and offers full access to source code for the ultimate in flexibility and customization.
Today's large corporations need a scalable calendar solution that allows them to organize email clutter and effectively use calendar and scheduling across an organization as well as with partners, customers and suppliers," said Nina Burns, President and CEO of Creative Networks, Inc.