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CALIBERConvention on Automation of Libraries in Education and Research
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Fifty caliber rifles are indeed sophisticated weapons, and have proven effective for both military and police use.
Veeco's new Caliber 'mini-SPM' is a highly affordable, compact and flexible research solution for materials, surface sciences, and polymer studies," commented Jeannine Sargent, Executive Vice President, Veeco Metrology and Instrumentation.
We look forward to working with HHS to deliver the information critically necessary to help professionals, parents, and communities understand and meet our children's needs, preventing them from harm," says Mary Sullivan, a senior vice president at ICF Caliber and project director.
We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Child Care Bureau on this critical national initiative to promote the social well-being of children," says Barbara Rudin, senior vice president at ICF Caliber and expert in early education services.
With closed-loop scanning and the ability to scan up to 90um on almost any surface, the Caliber offers big SPM functionality in a tiny footprint," added David Rossi, Vice President of Marketing for Veeco's Instrumentation products.
To fulfill its role, ICF Caliber will conduct regional needs assessments and develop research and communications plans annually, as well as provide technical assistance to local and state educational agencies and schools in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
Over the past eight years, Caliber Collision Centers has donated time, money and resources to charities and neighborhood programs that provide medical care to those in need.
Bob's extensive experience in financial management and strategic planning, as well as his hands-on, operations-focused management approach will complement and support the talents of our senior management team," said Dan Pettigrew, president and chief executive officer for Caliber Collision Centers.
Companies like Caliber Collision are what makes Children's Miracle Network successful - and most importantly, the proceeds will help support children who need advanced pediatric care in North Texas.
Caliber filled the toolboxes with many of the tools most often used by collision repair technicians.