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CPBCorporation for Public Broadcasting
CPBCardiopulmonary Bypass
CPBCentraal Planbureau
CPBCartagena Protocol on Biosafety (international biosafety agreement)
CPBConsumer Protection Board (State of New York)
CPBCercle Paul Bert (French sports club)
CPBCrown Property Bureau (Thai quasi-goverment agency)
CPBColorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa Decemlineata)
CPBCordless Phone Battery
CPBCore Performance Boost
CPBCentral Pacific Bank
CPBCocoa Pod Borer (crop pest)
CPBClinical Policy Bulletin
CPBChemical and Physical Biology (various schools)
CPBCommunist Party of Bangladesh
CPBCommunist Party of Burma
CPBColey Porter Bell (UK; design firm)
CPBCommunist Party of Britain
CPBCommission Paritaire de Branche (French: Joint Branch Committee)
CPBCentre de Protection du Bâtiment (French: Building Protection Center)
CPBCenter for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Chicago, IL)
CPBCompagnie Parisienne de Bâtiment (French: Parisian Construction Company; Paris, France)
CPBCoopérative des Producteurs de Bois (French: Wood Producers Cooperative)
CPBCommittee to Protect Bloggers
CPBCoastal Patrol Boat (USCG)
CPBCenter for Practical Bioethics (Kansas City, MO)
CPBCharged Particle Beam
CPBCenter for Population Biology
CPBCharentes Préfabrication Béton (French prefabricated concrete company)
CPBCentral Planning Office (Dutch)
CPBCanada Premium Bonds
CPBCount Paper Ballots (election fairness group)
CPBCalifornia Prune Board
CPBCoded Picture Buffer (digital TV)
CPBCorn Promotion Board (various locations)
CPBCorporation of the Presiding Bishop
CPBCivilian Personnel Bulletin
CPBConference Program Board
CPBCongress Parliamentary Board
CPBComputer Program Book
CPBCrime Prevention Branch
CPBConducting Personal Business (on the job)
CPBCivilian Personnel Branch
CPBCommunity Policing Bureau
CPBComitato Pendolari di Bergamo
CPBCareer Planning Board
CPBCritical Pressure Boiler
CPBConcrete Placing Boom (construction)
CPBConstant Prepayment on the Balloon
CPBCanadian Parole Board
CPBConfiguration Policy Board
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Esther Rollason, of the California Prune Board is delighted with the popularity boost which the fruit has got.
They provide shelf life, humectancy and flavor enhancement," says Bart Minor, marketing director for the California Prune Board.
High in potassium, iron and, uh, fiber, prunes may make better nutritional sense, counters a spokeswoman for the California Prune Board, which donated 2.
In addition to the USDA, the California Prune Board and the Idaho Bean Commission, among others, are listed as the sources for the video material.
One person who wasn't surprised at the role prunes have to play in good health was Esther Rollason of the California Prune Board which supplies more than 70 per cent of the world's prunes.
For example, the California Prune Board has found a way to spray dry plum puree, plus other ingredients such as pear and apple concentrates and maltodextrins, so that the fruit product results in a cream-colored, agglomerated powder.
Even the California Prune Board, which achieved great success with its high-fiber campaign, is now promoting the general "goodness" of prunes - nutrition and taste.
Peiffer's display won a prize in a contest sponsored by the California Prune Board.
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