CALTRANSCalifornia Department of Transportation
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Rhyme and reason and win cash,'' said Will Kempton, Caltrans director.
Key measures, such as the department's support of minorities and women, overall commitment to diversity, and opportunities for employees to establish a balance between personal and professional duties, allowed Caltrans to gain the top spot, according to the reader survey results of Diversity/Careers.
Caltrans reminds drivers that it is NEVER okay to play and drive, and urges all players to safely catch em all by pulling over and taking advantage of one of these Rest Areas around the state.
I want to thank Caltrans in getting these things done, and done quickly.
Noting that any contractor working on Caltrans' right-of-way must have a valid contractor's license, Caltrans further states that licensing is the responsibility of the State Contractors Licensing Board and that regulation of work by utilities is the responsibility of the California Public Utilities Commission.
For several years PLF contends that Caltrans sought approval for quotas from the U.
Its all in a days work for Caltrans crews, who cleared this behemoth on U.
The closures are expected to recur every Sunday for about three months, Caltrans officials said.
Meanwhile, Caltrans, in its typical, paradoxical approach, has generated two basic positions regarding the guidelines: 1) they are good and will probably be adopted in the near future; or 2) serious questions remain and the agency is awaiting a response to their queries from the HDD Consortium.