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KHCambodia (Khmer Republic; Internet top level domain)
KHKingdom Hearts (video game)
KHKrebs-Henseleit (Perfusate)
KHKill Hannah (band)
KhHydraulic Conductivity
KHKrebs-Henseleit Solution
KHKirk Hammet (lead guitar for band Metallica)
KHKatherine Hepburn (actress)
KHKenshin Himura (anime)
KHKnights Hospitallers (Knights of Malta)
KHKagome Higurashi (anime)
KHKarbonat Haerte (German: Carbonate Hardness)
KHKhamis/Higgins Reliability Model
KHKonnur High Road (Chennai, India)
KHKatie Holmes
KHKaufman Hall (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA)
KHKilowatt-Hours (also kWh)
KHKey Holder
KHKingdom Hall (Church of Jehovah's Witnesses)
KHKate Hudson (actress)
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With the purchase of Beeline's assets and telecom licenses, the deal solidifies Viettel as the leading mobile operator in Cambodia, accounting for 50% market share and the biggest Internet service provider covering 96% nationwide including the nation's remote and isolated areas.
The Cambodian National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) reported that methamphetamine accounted for 80 percent of the drug use within Cambodia in 2013.
Richard Lorentz, executive director and director of Business Development, said: KrisEnergy has achieved many milestones in its five-year history, but gaining operatorship of Cambodia Block A marks a new step up in our activities.
Australia shall facilitate and assist Cambodia in providing information on the Cambodian situation to refugees prior to their consideration of resettlement in Cambodia.
This trip is perfect for every one of all ages who want to be the first to discover the southern coast of Cambodia.
Cambodia is at peace after decades of conflict, although important challenges remain.
This is the first high-level political meeting of Cambodia and China in the very beginning of the year 2014 to strengthen and deepen relations of long-lasting and close friendship and productive cooperation in all fields between the two countries," it said.
Canadia would hold 95 percent stake and Cambodia Post would hold 5 percent stake, said Ork Bora, a technical officer on the project.
Statistics of the Council for Development of Cambodia show that in 2010, Chinese investments in Cambodia reached $694 million, $1.
Seeing First Bank's success in Cambodia, some Taiwanese banks have in recent years been quite interested in following suit.
Demand for feed in Cambodia is growing steadily in conjunction with higher demand for meat, and is expected to double from approximately 1.
Rice Dubai 2011 Chairman, Dr Faisal Ali Mousa, said: 'The delegation looks forward to meet with Seun Sotha, Advisor -- Ministry of Commerce and Dr Cham Prasidhi, Senior Minister of Commerce of Cambodia.
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