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Recent trade growth was boosted by an AfDB-backed road, the 535 km corridor in the fertile zone from Bamenda in Cameroon to Enugu in Nigeria, which cut travel time to hours instead of days, and lifted the incomes of traders and farmers.
Before independence in 1960, Cameroon was split between a larger French and smaller British mandate.
The literature on national integration in Cameroon is equally rich, as an attempt will be made to look at what scholars have written about integration in Cameroon and how the government is attempting to cultivate a sense of political unity among diverse ethnic groups, while at the same time upholding and maintaining the social structures and cultural norms that make the Anglophone and Francophone Cameroonians different.
The Globeleq director says Cameroon is a stable country with many investment opportunities and he would like to see the country "establish a diverse mix of energy generation in which uninterrupted electricity supply becomes the norm and universal access to electricity in all urban areas is achieved.
Having introduced the very first conformity assessment programme over 20 years ago, Intertek has the required experience and expertise to provide the authorities with this technical service, and exporters to Cameroon with rapid and excellent certification, inspection and testing services.
As Cameroon looks to become a key gateway to Central Africa and an emerging market in the region, these threats remain significant, but the country's economic growth plows on in a largely stable domestic environment.
Hundreds of people have been killed in a spate of attacks in Cameroon since it joined a regional force set up to tackle the militants last year.
The Cameroon Country Risk Report by BMI Research includes three major sections: Economic Outlook, Political Outlook and Operational Risk.
Cameroon supports the principle of noninterference in the affairs of third countries and increased assistance to underdeveloped countries.
No group claimed responsibility for the attacks, though they are in line with others launched by Boko Haram, which has expanded attacks into Cameroon, Chad and Niger - all countries contributing troops to a regional force intended to wipe out the extremists.
Market size and growth prospects of Cameroon reinsurance market by category
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