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CAMUSComputer Applications for Manufacturing User Society
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For young Egyptians, Tunisians and Libyans suffocating under the rule of brutal authoritarians, the breaking point arrived in 2011, driving thousands of people to try, as Camus put it, to "bring the outrage to an end.
At the request of Cyril CAMUS, President and General Manager of CAMUS, a former decanter design created a few decades ago has been re-envisioned to house the amber hued, gold-flecked liquid.
Soos die Australiese kenner van Camus, Matthew Sharpe, tydens 'n onlangse lesing in Bloemfontein oor Camus se notaboeke uitgewys het, was Camus sterk beinvloed deur die Stoisisme, en ek bedank hom ook dan graag hier vir die sleutels wat hy sodoende vir die lees van Die pes aan my beskikbaar gestel het.
A vrai dire, en cette epoque (entre les deux guerres mondiales), l'esprit etait, bien entendu, tragique, car selon Camus, [beaucoup moins que]ce monde en lui-meme n'est pas raisonnable, c'est tout ce qu'on peut en dire.
For Milosz, the discovery of Simone Weil's writings, as it had for Camus, gave new direction to his inner life.
Daoud's novel before approaching Camus will nevertheless find an absorbing, independent story and a shrewd critique of a country trapped in history's time warp.
The contre-enquete of Daoud's novel begins as a critique of Camus, the pied noir.
They are calling people everywhere, of all income levels and backgrounds,'' Camus told the Senate Finance Committee at a hearing.
In his remarks to the Cihan news agency, Camus, a member of the Western-backed Syrian opposition group which is holding a meeting to elect their new president in ystanbul, defined the rapid advance of the al-Qaeda splinter group as "seriously alarming," and said that the situation in the region may create a disaster for the countries in the region.
If Nietzsche has set the parameters of a universe without god or human feeling made of finite possibilities and eternal recurrence, Camus dramatized the role of the individual in it and the model of this character is Sisyphus.
A Life Worth Living is Robert Zaretsky's second book on Albert Camus in five years.
He was ordained by the above mentioned Bishop Le Camus and invited to his first Mass the poor of the city, distributing to them all his possessions and, later on, an inheritance of 400,000 livres ($80,000).