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CANCONCanadian Content
CANCONCanadian Contingent
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The need for "changes to the federal cultural policy toolkit," "to modernize how government supports the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content" is an evident theme in the Digital Cancon Review.
Ahora promueven el recurso de apelacion contra actos de la FMTKD por el aval otorgado a la convocatoria que emitio la Comision Organizadora de la Union de Escuelas TKD Quintana Roo, AC, para la celebracion de la Asamblea General Constituyente, que se realizo en un lugar de Cancon y en un dia distintos a los establecidos en dicha convocatoria.
If there were only one vehicle through which to embed CanCon in the Canadian music classroom, then I would choose choral music.
Cancon pulled out in 1993 but has maintained a presence with a handful of staff officers.
57) En palabras de uno de ellos: "El Acuerdo de Cancon debe ser aplaudido no porque resuelva todo, si no porque se decide no intentarlo" (la traduccion es mia).
During this decade, Sistren also developed a very good relationship with Canadian NGO Inter Pares, especially under Jean Christie's directorship, because it was the first to take a genuine interest in the group's work and it was also responsible for putting CanCon in place.
Cele qui m'a en sa baillie, cui ja d'amors sans trecerie m'a done sens de cancon fairepor li veul un roumant estraire d'un molt biel conte d'aventure.
Right now, web services, or over-the-top platforms, do not contribute to CanCon funds.
Summit and the Cancon Conference on climate change in November as well as the
CANCON, MEXICO -- Female family physicians tend to engage more emotionally with patients than their male colleagues, and they also report more job-related stress, a survey has found.
The Ontario and BC programs are examples of two very different kinds of initiatives, each positive in its way, but neither one is the kind of transformative instrument of cultural development represented by the Cancon radio rules established in the 1960s.