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CANCONCanadian Content
CANCONCanadian Contingent
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Cancon pulled out in 1993 but has maintained a presence with a handful of staff officers.
Market project management - restructuring and extension of nursing home Cancon.
Enter Walt Grealis and Stan Klees, whose pioneering efforts as Canadian chart-compilers were largely responsible for the success of the CanCon system.
As such, the Cancon requirements for Category Two were designed to be "much less demanding.
However, as Sterloff pointed out, the costs of meeting the Category One Cancon stipulations are worth the benefits, especially "if you are a broad-based company.
If I could visit any place in the world I wold go to ``Cancun'' I would go to cancon because I like the beaches and it's cool over there.
A statement from League Head of Communications John Nagle read: "We cancon firm that we will not present the League One trophy to Swansea City at their match with Leyton Orient on Saturday, due to the ongoing arbitration hearing involving Leeds United.
INSATIABLE' Powered Exclusively by Destiny Media Technologies' Play MPE System became the #1 Cancon GREATEST GAINER at TOP 40 Canadian Radio Nationally in First Week of Release
For CanCon to apply to the music choice, two of the four criteria qualify.
A steady stream of Cancon guest stars have trooped through Halifax making cameo appearances in Rick Mercer's next 13 installments of his corrosive film-biz burlesque, Made in Canada.
Key highlights from the policy statements include an overall maintenance of the current regulatory framework including no change to the 35% CanCon requirement; a broadening of the scope and required contribution to the development of Canadian Content; and a digital radio policy that allows new digital radio licence holders to develop services they believe will be of greatest interest to listening public.