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CANDAComputer-Aided (or Assisted) New Drug Application
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From Thuria I have come in search of the land of Amoz, where dwells Dacor, the Strong One, who stole my sister, Canda, the Grace-ful One, to be his mate.
Recent books by social workers that are useful in teaching content on religion/spirituality in social work include Canda and Furman's (1999) comprehensive text on practice; Scales et al.
Mercado and Canda said Caraga Watch would file corruption cases against MGB and DENR officials at the Ombudsman as soon as they allow CMDC to continue selling ore.
This methodology was replicated in the United Kingdom with a stratified random sample of social work practitioners (N=789) affiliated with the British Association of Social Work (Furman, Benson, Grimwood, & Canda, 2004).
Mercado and Canda said Caraga Watch has been considering the filing of corruption cases against MGB and DENR officials before the Ombudsman if more transport and export permits were granted to CMDC.
Canda also raises a number of concerns related to how one defines various groups, how much background one should give when summarizing studies, and whether or not to follow the definitions used by authors whose work one is citing.
Canda, PhD, and Leola Dyrud Furman, PhD, attempt to define and explicate spiritually sensitive social work in their recent book Spiritual Diversity in Social Work Practice: The Heart of Helping(1999).
Address : Rue Stphane Hessel Le Colombier 24200 Sarlat-La Canda
Colonia identified four of the 9 fatalities as Nor Canda, 28 of Plang Village in Kabacan, North Cotabato; Lyle Rodolph Octaviano; Juliet Debalosan, 40, of Davao City; and Haydee Gubaton, of Poblacion 2, Pigcawayan, Cotabato.
JOG referees John Lee and Romyr Cabalu, with the support of the JOG Chairman Noel Miguel and assisted by Jonathan Canda, officiated the opening games.
In discussing the role of spirituality in practice, Canda (1997) identified the following as points of intervention: in the helping relationship in which the worker links personal and professional growth, in the worker's dialogue with clients about their frameworks for meaning and morality, in the worker's appreciation of diverse religious and nonreligious expressions of spirituality, and in the worker's support of creative resolutions of life crises using spiritual resources relevant to the client.
Canda vowed to address the issues raised by the members.