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CANENAConsejo de Armonizacion de Normas Electrotecnicas de Las Naciones de Las Americas (Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas)
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As a result, Castillo De Canena employs a herd of 600 sheep and composts their manure with byproducts of olive crushing.
Castillo de Canena First Day of Harvest, Picual: The Picual oil is a golden green colour and its fragrance is a combination of artichokes, mint, basil and rosemary.
Castillo de Canena Family Reserve, Arberquino: This 100% Arberquino extra virgin olive oil has distinctive fruity qualities that combine with finesse to create complex aromas and flavours.
Castillo de Canena was the very first producer in the world to launch a First Day of Harvest press, and this is the fourth year that this special edition First Day of Harvest has been released.
Olives that are harvested later in the season typically show an oil content of up to 23%, so more than double the quantity of fruit goes into a bottle of Castillo de Canena extra virgin olive oil.
cucharadas de aceite ahumado (lo hay de Castillo de Canena, en
Entre otros cargos, mercedes reales y posesiones, Cobos acumulo en su persona los titulos de Comendador Mayor de los Bastimentos de Leon de la Orden de Santiago, Adelantado Mayor de Cazorla o senor de Torres, Canena, Sabiote y Velliza.