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CAPLSCapellanus (Latin: Chaplain; Codices and Manuscripts)
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And to give one more example, Andreas Capellanus notes that "woman is like melting wax, always ready to assume fresh shape and to be moulded to the imprint of anyone's seal" (3.
Duvernoy, 2:83: "videlicet quod licet crederet quod Deus omnipotens esset in celis, tamen non credebat quod ille Deus esset in sacramento altaris, nec quod per verba sancta que dicit capellanus, esset ibi corpus Christi.
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See Peter Goodrich, "Law in the Courts of Love: Andreas Capellanus and the Judgments of Love" (1996) 48 Stan.
Even the work of Andreas Capellanus, the author of the late 12th-century treatise, De Amore (The art of courtly love), (5) does hot much help to understand courtly love because, as numerous scholars pointed out, his perspective might have been ironic (Burnley 1998: 151; Bumke 2000: 362).
Andreas Capellanus probably adapted his 'Purgatory of Cruel Beauties' narrative from the Lai du Trot.
Part Two also includes a rather curious essay by Duby on fine amour, in which he announces that "the rules of courtly love were adopted in the twelfth century by the feudal aristocracy", even while also repeating the valuable caveats of recent scholars that Andreas Capellanus was writing an anti-flirtation satire, not a handbook of rules on romance.
There was, however, an unwelcome surprise for the Nicholls team when long-odds-on Hinterland was beaten by Brian Ellison-trained Capellanus, ridden by Harry Derham, in the final race.
53) And yet, Book Three of De amore, as readers know, upends what Capellanus writes in the first two books by proposing the rejection of love.
Tijuana Dancer and Capellanus are both well held by Prima Vista on last week's meeting but they are far better off at the weights and have the capacity to run well.
Capellanus has also been very strongly backed during the week and comes into the reckoning as one that could be well treated.