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CAPSACanadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities
CAPSAConference on Asphalt Pavements for Southern Africa
CAPSAChinese American Parents and Students Association (Rockville, MD)
CAPSACompanias Asociadas Petroleras SA (Spanish: Associated Petroleum Companies SA; Argentina)
CAPSAConcerned Asian Pacific Students for Action
CAPSACommunity Abuse Prevention Service Agency (Logan, UT)
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In a long and proud tradition following in the stacks of Edward Gibbon and Montaigne, I invented my own traveling library for the purpose, something I call a capsa, after the leather buckets used in antiquity to carry scrolls.
In addition to managing the delivery and receipt of faxes in SAP applications, Esker technology also enables CAPSA to send Short Message Services (SMSes) containing critical milk analysis reports to over 1,500 dairy farmers directly from SAP applications.
Contract notice: Supply of equipment for the scenic la capsa room, in the municipality of el prat de llobregat project.
Check out the NEW LX and VX computer cart lines from Capsa Solutions for the latest designs in nan-powered and powered healthcare computing workstations.
have executed a definitive Capsa Platform Licensing Agreement, giving Media Exchange Group unique access to the mobile publishing world.
a private corporation that utilizes the Tarsin CAPSA Platform to bring legally compliant mobile wagering to market.
Campbell France, Campbell Soup, Campofro, Campofro Foods, CAPSA, CapVest Equity, Carnes Primor, CCA, Cebeco, Cdilac Candia, Champagne Crales, Chips, Chivers & Sons, Chymos, Cirio, Clas, Coffee Partners, ConAgra, Consorzio Granlatte, Coop Schweiz, Cte Ouest, Cow & Gate, CPC, CPC Caterplan, CPC Espaa, CPC Food Ireland, CPC Foods, CPC France, CPC Monda, CPC UK, Credin DK Hellas, Cremonini, Crippa Berger, Dairy Crest, Dairytime, Danone, DCC, DEK, Delicia, Dipal, Dietisa, Douwe Egberts, Ducros, Durkee, Ebro Puleva, Ecoarome, Ed & Ruy, Ekstrms, Elah Dufour, Emo Marietta, Erasco, Erly, ETO Nahrungs.
In the companya s state-of-the-art greenhouse a team of women controlled the rows of a white capsa emerging from the dark compost and picked those ready for consumption.
The combined companies are developing unique mobile applications, the youth sports social network, and digital trading card mobile applications, along with Tarsin's digital & multiple international mobile product solutions for the wireless gaming industry and the proprietary CAPSA platform.
In addition, the CAPSA joint venture with Changan will begin local production of the CitroE1/2n DS5 in the second half of 2013 at the Shenzhen facility, which will offer capacity of 200,000 vehicles per year at full operation.
Rottaler, Besnier, Besnier Portugal, Bio d'Armor, Biraghi, Bongrain, Bongrain Italia, Bongrain UK, Bornholms Mejeri, Boursin, Boyne Valley, British Creameries, Bunge, Cadi, Caledonian Cheese, Campo dei Fiori, Campo-stera, Campofrio Foods, CAPRA-CBM, CAPSA, Carbery, Cardinal Foods, Carnicas Tello, Casearia Bresciana, Casearia Formigl.