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CARCASComputer Aided aRchiving and Change Accounting System
CARCASComputer-Assisted Retrospective Clinical Activities Statistics (Canadian program)
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Percent of eviscerated carcass was calculated as the ratio between the eviscerated carcass and live body weight after fasting.
Carcas thinks his company's technology--which resembles the sea snake it's named for--is a major candidate.
Roedd y dechnoleg yno i'w gweld yn effeithiol dros ben gan sicrhau bod yr anifail a'r carcas yn cael eu trin yn y ffordd orau posibl sy'n bwysig er mwyn sicrhau gwell blas ar y plat yn y pen draw.
PROLIFIC letter writer Alan Carcas has passed away at the age of 81.
Business development manager Max Carcas said the Edinburgh firm were in talks with many European countries with coastlines and also US organisations.
Mrs E Hutchinson, from Enfield, Middx, writes to say: "My sister-in-law's maiden name was Carcas.
SIMSCI regional offices are located in Denver, Houston, Newtown Square (Philadelphia), Bombay, Carcas, Dubai, Stockport (UK), and Tokyo.
Cyfeiriodd at y dechnoleg sy'n cael ei brofi mewn rhai gwledydd lle mae'r carcas yn cael ei sganio neu fynd trwy belydr-X.
Gan fod y rhain allan o fuwch Fresian, roedd carcas digon safonol iddyn nhw, ac yn cael graddau da yn y lladd-dy.
Snobby types in the pub will instantly tune in to your idle chat about the virtues of Lost and swoop with the precision of a vulture about to gorge itself on the wretched carcas.
ALAN Carcas ('Blind justice', Mailbag, February 18) and Tony Sosna ('Religious freedoms' February 20) will no doubt take heart from the fact that community secretary Eric Pickles has scored a late equaliser against the 'militant' secularists by introducing an order restoring the right for councils to include prayers in their agenda.
I don't agree with reader Alan Carcas, who argued in Letters a week or two ago that hiding things under the counter just piques people's interest in them.