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CASTICenter for Advanced Science and Technology Incubation, Ltd. (Japan)
CASTICodes and Standards Training Inc.
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Publishers Orion had agreed to pay Casti about pounds 500,000 and Eriksson would have pocketed about pounds 1.
Casti promises another book on some of those still unsolved, including the one now regarded as the Everest of the mathematical world, the Riemann Hypothesis (it is not easy to explain what this is).
His own doubts started in 1963; in 1965 they intensified and he withdrew permission from his publishers to reprint his popular textbook on Catholic morality, which presented Casti Connubii in glowing terms.
The Company announced that, as of May 11, 2007, it had entered into an agreement to sell its equity interests in its Italian Subsidiaries to Casti, which agreement was subject to, among other things, Casti's right to terminate such agreement in the event that Casti was not able to reach an agreement with a major customer of the Italian Subsidiaries by 12:00 pm, CET, on May 18, 2007.
Publishers Orion had agreed to pay Casti about EUR750,000 and Eriksson would have pocketed about EUR2.
See Casti connubii, especially number 26 if, and especially 74.
Godel: A Life of Logic, by the American science writer John Casti and the mathematician Werner DePauli of the University of Vienna, is a splendid nontechnical account of the Godelian revolution and at the same time a sketch of Godel's eccentric life and its tragic ending.
that allows these electronic worlds to make contact with their real-world counterparts," Casti notes.
The soccer supremo promised ex-girlfriend Monica Casti that she could write his official biography.
Pope Pius XI, in the encyclical Casti connnubii of Dec.
In the encyclical Casti Connubii (1930) Pope Pius XI taught that contraception is, objectively, "a grave sin" against "the most grave law" of God (#57-58).