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CACanada (top level internet domain)
CAComputer Associates International Inc.
CACalifornia (US postal abbreviation)
CACentral Air
CAClass A (TV call signs)
CAColumbia Association (Columbia, MD)
CACentral America
CAControl Access
CAChange of Address
CACertificate Authority (encryption)
CACost Analysis
CAComputer Application (school course)
CACertification Authority
CACash Advance
CAConsumer Action
CACurrent Account
CAComputer Animation
CACommercial Activities
CAConstruction Administration (USACE)
CAContract Administrator
CAClassic Army (Airsoft Manufacturer)
CACourt of Appeal
CAGun (or Heavy) Cruiser
CACode Available
CAContract Administration
CACommunications Activities
CAConference Agenda
CACompanies Act (India)
CAContract Award
CACancer (medical)
CACall Agent (VoIP)
CACommercial Accounts
CACollective Agreement
CAConseil d'Administration (French: Board of Directors)
CACable Assembly
CAConsumers Association
CAConsumers' Association (UK)
CACommunity Acquired (infection)
CAClub America (Mexican soccer team)
CACollege of Agriculture (various colleges and universities)
CAClinical Assistant
CAConsumer Alert
CACivil Affairs
CACooperative Agreement
CACaptain America (comic)
CACombat Arms
CACurrent Awareness
CACounter Attack
CACivil Aviation
CACarlisle (postcode, United Kingdom)
CACocaine Anonymous (Cocaïnomanes Anonymes)
CACommon Applications
CACommercially Available
CACorporate Action
CAChristina Aguilera
CAColorado Avalanche (hockey team)
CAConfidentiality Agreement
CAChartered Accountant
CACricket Australia
CACompressed Air
CACritical Appraisal
CACyber Acoustics (PC/game console sound systems)
CAChemical Abstracts
CAContrast Agent
CACardiac Arrest
CAConnections Academy (K-8 online school)
CACombined Arms
CACagliari (Sardinia, Italy)
CAChristian Aid
CACredit Agricole (Agricultural Credit)
CAContract Action
CAComputer Algebra
CACertificate of Authenticity
CACompetent Authority (EU Medical Devices Directive)
CAConditional Access
CACorrective Action
CAClient Assessment
CACycling Australia
CACommercial Agent
CACollision Avoidance
CACellular Automata
CACost Account
CAChief Accountant
CACustomer Acceptance
CAClay Aiken (singer)
CAConversation Analysis (the empirical study of talk in interaction)
CACommunication Application
CACleaning Agent
CAClerical Assistant (obsolete, now administrative assistant)
CAControl Assembly
CAChiropractic Assistant
CAConformity Assessment (ANSI term)
CAChronological Age
CACommunity Assistant
CAConsular Affairs (US State Department)
CACatalan Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
CACommunications Access (line)
CACombustion Air
CACitric Acid
CACommunication Assistant
CACancer Antigen
CACastle Age
CAControl Account
CAChange Agreement
CACellulose Acetate (type of reverse osmosis membrane)
CAComputer Assistant (or Computing Assistant)
CAClimate Audit (website)
CACarmelo Anthony (NBA Player)
CACommunity Advisor
CACatchment Area (wastewater operations)
CAColorado Academy
CAAir China (airline code)
CACanadian Alliance party (Canada)
CACatamarca (Argentina province, airline code)
CACary Academy (Cary, NC, USA)
CACombat Aircraft
CAChromatic Aberration (lens error)
CAChambre d'Agriculture (French: Chamber of Agriculture)
CAComunidad Autónoma (Spain)
CAChiffre d'Affaire (France)
CACivil Administration
CAConference Assistant
CAContract Agent
CACensus Agglomeration
CACranking Amps (battery)
CAChief Advisor
CACompressor, Air
CACommand Authority
CACitizen Act
CACharlton Athletic
CACarbonic Anhydrase
CAConceptart (website)
CACertified Arborist
CACustomer Advocate
CACyanoAcrylate (glue)
CACarrier Aircraft
CAContracting Activity
CAWatermarked (philatelic notation for stamps or paper)
CACountryside Alliance (UK)
CACommonwealth's Attorney
CAContract Authority
CACrank Angle (Mechanical Engineering)
CAConfiguration Audit
CACabin Attendant (aviation)
CACurrent Asset
CAConjoint Analysis
CACorazon Aquino
CACone Angle
CACertificat d'Aptitude (French)
CACorrente Alternada (Spanish: Alternating Current)
CACarbohydrate Antigen (tumoral marker)
CACapability Assessment (US Air Force)
CACompania Anonima
CAChess Assistant
CAChromosomal Aberration
CACompulsory Acquisition
CACulver Academies
CACall Attempt
CAConstant Amplitude
CACayman Airways (airline code)
CAClear Aperture
CAConstruction Authorization
CACombat Assault
CAChemical Addition
CACruising Association
CACorneal Abrasion (ophthalmology)
CACiudad Acuna (Mexico)
CACounter Air
CAContinual Assessment
CAConcentration in Air
CAConditioned Avoidance (psychology/psychiatry)
CACommonwealth Act (Philippines)
CACroquet Association (UK)
CACriticality Analysis
CAChurch Army
CACredits Applied (insurance)
CACertified Acupuncturist
CACoordinating Authority
CACivic Amenity (UK)
CAChristijan Albers (formula one driver)
CACroatian Army
CACyberangels (International online help association)
CACommunications Analysis
CAConstructive Approximation
CACorporate Avenger (Band)
CAConnection Authorization
CACaritas Australia
CACouncil of Administration (Universal Postal Union)
CACornu Ammonis (hippocampal subregion in the medial temporal lobe)
CAConnectivity Africa (International Development Research Centre; Canada)
CAContract Authorization
CAChange Authorization
CAOn-Call Pay (attendance code)
CACritical Assembly
CAComputer and Automation
CAConservancy Association
CACommercial Announcement
CACharge Amplifier
CACritical Alarm (Sprint)
CAChannel Aggregation
CACortese Attenzione (Italian: Dear Mr.)
CACoal Authority (UK)
CACell Arrival
CACall Accepted (ITU-T)
CAController of Accounts
CACranial Academy
CAContract Assistant
CAConjunction Analysis (satellite operations)
CACertification Agent
CAConflict Alert (Air Traffic Control)
CAContamination Avoidance
CACondiloma Acuminado (Spanish)
CAChemical Alarm
CAContamination Area
CACertified Archivist
CAGun Cruiser
CACombat Assessment
CACoverage Analyzer
CACorrective Activities
CAComplementary Access
CACourse Acquisition
CACertification Acceptance
CACompetition Advocate
CACommand Archive
CACross Apply (debating)
CAConnection Approval
CAControlled Availability
CABromobenzyl Cyanide (tear gas, riot control agent)
CAConstruction Advisor
CACell Averaging (Constant False Alarm Rate processor type)
CACongressional Add
CACongressional Audit
CACommand Assessment
CACommon Atrium
CAComputer Accuracy (aviation competition)
CACorrosion Allowance
CACentro Agrícola (Spanish)
CACarbon Absorber
CAChannel Adaptor
CAChannel Attach
CACoordinated Atomic (robotics)
CACall Allocation
CAChampagne d' Argent (rabbit breed)
CACountry Attaché
CACustomer Accommodations
CACrappy Apple
CACuba Action
CAConcentration Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
CAChallenge Athena
CACruiser-Armored (naval vessel)
CACircuit Assurance (Modem Information)
CAConnect Acknowledge (ITU-T Rec. I.451)
CAChesapeake & Albemarle (railroad)
CACertified Acupressurist (natural therapy designation)
CACarbon Anhydrase
CAContingency Abort
CACrusader Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
CAChess Advisor
CACryptic Axe (gaming, Diablo II)
CACyclic Abelian (code)
CACompact Assignment
CAChevron Autopia
CAClub Amiérdica (Mexican female soccer team)
CACharted Account
CAConsulate Date (international adoptions)
CAConformability Analysis (DFQ technique)
CAConventional Applicator
CAContracting Authorization
CACarril Auxiliar (Spanish)
CAClassification and Audit
CACommercially Abundant
CACollocated Activities
CACoaster Arsenal (roller coaster website)
CACanberra Albuquerque, Inc
CACaddell Appraisals, Inc. (Estes Park, Colorado)
CAComputer Acoustics, Ltd
CAChristos Alexandrou
CAClusterhead Announcement
CACrewman's Associate
CACombat/Controller Amplifier
CA(Air Traffic) Control Advises
CADirectorate of Corporate Affairs (NIMA)
CACollison Avoiding
CACommand Channel Adapter
CAContract/Criticality Analysis
CACommittee of Adjustment (Canada)
CACommercial Aviation
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In the Potrero-Chaquiago administrative and manufacturing centre (Andalgala Department, Catamarca Province), none of the Yavi-Chicha sherds had white inclusions derived from altered sedimentary rocks; instead they were rounded pumice fragments.
Distribucion del numero de explotaciones agropecuarias segun los Censos Nacionales Agropecuarios de 1988 y 2002 para las provincias que componen el Noroeste Argentino Provincias No EAPs que componen S/limite la Region del No EAPs No EAPs Diferencia Noroeste Argentino C/limite S/limite 2002-1988 Catamarca CNA 1988 6988 2550 Catamarca CNA 2002 6694 2444 -106 Jujuy CNA 1988 4286 4240 Jujuy CNA 2002 4061 4922 682 La Rioja CNA 1988 5374 1823 La Rioja CNA 2002 5852 2264 441 Salta CNA 1988 4798 4431 Salta CNA 2002 5575 4722 291 Sgo.
Wayne Coates of the University of Arizona in Tucson and Ricardo Ayerza of the University of Catamarca in Argentina now think chia may be the solution.
Cascadero operates and owns as principal mineral properties in north central British Columbia, Canada and in the provinces of Jujuy, Salta and Catamarca in the Republic of Argentina.
cactorum larvae (white circles) collected in the Argentina provinces of Buenos aires (BA), Catamarca (CA), cordoba (CB), chaco (CH), Corrientes (CO), Entre Rios (ER), Formosa (FO), Jujuy (JU), La pampa (LP), La Rioja (LR), Rio Negro (RN), Salta (SA), Santiago del Estero (SE), Santa Fe (SF), san Luis (SL), and Tucuman (TU).
Yamana) announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the provincial Government of Catamarca, Argentina, represented by the provincial mining company Catamarca Mineria y Energetica Sociedad del Estado (CAMYEN), regarding the construction of the Catamarca Mining District.
La produccion de tabaco se realiza en 7 provincias del Norte Argentino: Jujuy, Salta, Tucuman, Catamarca, Misiones, Corrientes y Chaco, aunque mas del 80 % se concentra--por orden de importancia--en Misiones, Salta y Jujuy.
Argentina, Catamarca, El Alto Department, Sierra de Ancasti, between El Portezuelo and EL Alto, 28[degrees] 27'52"S 65[degrees] 35'10"W, 1855 m, granite rocks, Prada, 16-09-2010.
The integration of Agua Rica with Alumbrera provides the greatest value potential for Yamana and the best opportunity for the development of Agua Rica in the Catamarca province of Argentina.
The first provincial election was on March 13 in Catamarca (northeastern Argentina), followed by Chubut (in the south) and Salta (in the far north).
Gonzalez, Distribuidora Basterra, Veterinaria El Rodeo, Agrosoluciones, Agroempresa, Veterinaria Los Pollitos, Farmacia Alvear, Electromedicina, Cientifica Medicus, Laboratorios Wiener (Rosario), Foto Fain, Libreria Catamarca, Libreria Nimbo, Libreria El Estudiante, Libreria La Canita, Libreria Contexto, Interlibros, Textil Impre-Art, Comercial Guardapolvos, Eduardo Confort, Boutique Colores, Centro de Estudiantes de Veterinaria, Agrupacion Franja Morada, Dr.
Zabius fuscus appears to be an almost strictly orophilous scorpion (Acosta 1989; Acosta & Rosso de Ferradas 1996) the range of which coincides with the Pampean Sierras of San Luis, Cordoba, La Rioja, Catamarca and Santiago del Estero in central Argentina (Fig.