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Lobular versus ductal breast neoplasms: the diagnostic utility of p120 catenin.
Like LCIS, PLCIS exhibits loss of E-cadherin staining (Figure 2, D) and cytoplasmic redistribution of p120 catenin, and hence these 2 stains are useful to confirm a suspected diagnosis.
The scientists, led by Dr Eric Adams, have found a gene called catenin is altered in nearly all cases studied.
In contrast to BSSs, significantly down-regulated expression of E-cadherin (1 of 27; 4%), and the catenins ([alpha], 1 of 27 [4%]; [beta], 3 of 27 [11%]; and [gamma], 1 of 27 [4%]) was observed in the MFSSs.
Medical experts claim the miracle chemical beta catenin could be used to "reprogramme" hairless adult skin to grow new folicles.
ARVCF - This gene is a member of the catenin family of proteins, which help the inside and outside of cells "talk" to each other.