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CLChile (country code, top level domain)
CLChampions' League (Union of European Football Associations)
CLCAS (Column Address Strobe) Latency
CLCloser (baseball pitcher)
CLContact Lens
CLCraig's List (online community)
CLControl Language
CLCircular Letter
CLLight Cruiser (Cruiser-Light)
ClCeltic (linguistics)
CLComputational Linguistics
CLCommon Law
CLCentral Locking
CLConsumer Lab
CLClosed Loop
CLCommand Language
CLCreative Loafing (Charlotte, NC weekly publication)
CLCaltanissetta (Sicilia, Italy)
CLComponents List
CLColgate-Palmolive (stock symbol)
CLCooperative Learning
CLChinese Language
CLChain Link (Fence)
CLCheck List
CLCopyleft (license)
CLComputer Lab
CLClarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS newspaper)
CLChemical Element
CLControl Logic
CLCalifornian (rabbit breed)
CLCounty Library
CLCourtney Love (musician)
CLCivil Law
CLConfidence Level
CLConfidence Limit
CLCity of London
CLControlled Load
CLCode: Lyoko (cartoon)
CLCounty Line
CLCaps Lock
CLCharacter Limit
CLChicken Little
CLCurrent Liabilities
CLCorpus Luteum
CLChild Labour
CLCustomer Loyalty
CLCredit Lyonnais (French Bank)
CLCompatibility List
CLCorpus Linguistics (Conference)
CLComputing Laboratory
CLCode Lyoko (French TV cartoon)
CLCableLabs (Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.)
CLCurrent Limiting
CLComunione e Liberazione (Italian: Communion and Liberation; Catholic movement founded in 1954)
CLCyber Law
CLCutaneous Leishmaniasis
CLCurrent Loop (electronics)
CLCandidate List
CLCounty Law
CLContacts List
CLContinuous Learning
CLCentral League (Japanese baseball)
CLControl Limit
CLChaos Legion (video game)
CLCompetent Leader (Toastmasters)
CLCurrent Limiter
CLChain Lightning (gaming)
CLCrew Leader
CLCable Link
CLCentral Luzon (Philippines)
CLContainer Load (shipping)
CLClear Liquids
CLClan Leader (gaming)
CLContract Labor
CLCustoms Law
CLCine Latino (Mexico)
CLCol Legno (string instrument technique)
CLChapter Leader
CLCrimson Land (game)
CLCathedral of Learning (University of Pittsburgh)
CLCombat Log (gaming)
CLCactus League (baseball)
CLCompliance Level
CLChemical Laser
CLCourse Line
CLCarrier Landing
CLCommon Light
CLCourt Leave
CLChess Life (journal)
CLCoefficient of Lift
CLContinuous Load
CLControl Loading
CLCenter of Lift
CLCasual Leave (India)
CLConversion Loss
CLCombat Load
CLCentre for Limnology (Nieuwersluis, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
CLCoolant Loop
CLCopper Loss
CLCable Lug
CLChat Life
CLFraternity of Communion and Liberation
CLClient Logic (BPO Company)
CLCompensatory Leave
CLCatalunya Lliure
CLCoordination Level
CLCecile Licad (classical pianist)
CLCoordination Line
CLChronic Liar
CLConfigured Load
CLCapabilities Select
CLContract Linguist (US government)
CLCapture Latch
CLChivalry Legions (gaming clan, Runescape)
CLCued Language
CLContractor Leased
CLConfrontation Line
CLClobber Hand (gaming; Mega Man)
CLLift Co-Efficient (aircraft)
CLCombinator Logic
CLCertificate in Logistics
CLCaritas Lebanon (Catholic charity)
CLAir Post Semi-Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
CLCodeLeakers (gaming forum)
CLClosed Loop Control Logic
CLCity and County Library
CLCommonality List (NASA)
CLCompartmentalized Level
CLClanless Losers (Counter-Strike clan)
CLClear Job Indicator
CLClay, Low Compressibility (LL < 50)
CLClass Complexity/Size Due to Local Methods
CLControlled Iteration Last Pass
CLClassified Loan (finance)
CLCliff Lee (baseball player)
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Some types of analysis are entirely non-destructive, such as cathodoluminescence imagery and spectroscopy, or microthermometry of fluid inclusions.
Dr Sally Stowe and the staff of the ANU Electron Microscopy Unit are thanked for their assistance with cathodoluminescence imagery.
These results will be used to verify the findings in the cathodoluminescence study and observe any possible nucleation sites where the buildup might begin growing.
This consultation is for the supply, installation and commissioning of equipment cathodoluminescence time resolved.
Cathodoluminescence (CL) effects were studied in 16 thin sections, with the cold cathode CL stage CL8200 Mk5 (Cambridge Image Technology Ltd) attached to an optical microscope, at 20 kV acceleration voltage and 0.
Startling new research goes on in the fields of cathodoluminescence (CL) and photoluminescence (PL).
Roques-Carmes, Importance of instrumental and experimental factors on the interpretation of cathodoluminescence data from wide band gap materials, in Cathodoluminescence in Geosciences, M.
EMPA also produces backscattered electrons, secondary electrons and cathodoluminescence and can be used as a scanning electron microscope for image analysis.
Seleznev is a prolific writer and researcher with more than 50 scientific articles published during the last 10 years in the areas of laser physics, holography, interaction of laser radiation with solids, laser deposition of thin films, high temperature superconductivity, technology for growing diamond and diamond-like films, diagnostics of electron emission of diamond films, and low-voltage cathodoluminescence of phosphors.
Non-traditional techniques, including Auger electron spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Mossbauer spectroscopy, and cathodoluminescence microscopy, are also beneficial in determining mineralogical interactions of processed materials.
LAUSANNE, Switzerland & GRENOBLE, France -- Attolight and CEA-Leti today announced that they have entered into a joint-development program to apply Attolight's cathodoluminescence microscopy to semiconductor materials.
This consultation covers the acquisition, delivery, installation and commissioning of an optical device cathodoluminescence (CL) cold cathode.