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CAUClark Atlanta University
CAUChristian-Albrechts-Universität (Christian Albrechts University; Kiel, Germany)
CAUCentro de Atención A Usuarios
CAUChina Agricultural University
CAUCarlos Albizu University (Miami, Florida)
CAUCruel and Unusual
CAUControlled Access Unit
CAUConfederación Americana de Urología
CAUCommand Arithmetic Unit
CAUCarbon Adsorption Unit
CAUCable Access Unit
CAUCovert Assault Unit (Counter Strike clan)
CAUCybertron Alliance Universe
CAUCell Adapter Unit
CAUCommand Acquisition Unit (NASA)
CAUClient Assessment Unit (establishing disability)
CAUCommand Activation Unit (NASA)
CAUCrew Access Unit (intercom equipment)
CAUCustomer Acquisition Unit (NASA)
CAUCaribbean African Unity (New York)
CAUCentral Arbitration Unit
CAUCrypto-Auxiliary Unit
CAUCommunications Access Unit
CAUCryptographic Ancillary/Authorization Unit
CAUCommunity Advice Unit
CAUConfédération d'Alliances Unies (French: Confederation of United Alliances; online gaming clan)
CAUCommission of the African Union (Ethiopia)
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Prior studies found that minority characters tended to be children or teenagers rather than adults while Caucasian adults were readily visible in children's advertising (Barcus 1977; Seiter 1990).
In summary, Head Start families of African American background and Caucasian background were similar on the variables of: Maternal age, maternal employment, maternal level of education and age/gender of their children who attended Head Start Program.
a GEAR UP cohort coordinator): An 11-year-old Caucasian Italian American said, "He helps me do well in school and life.
There was only one site in which Caucasian youth represented as many as 40 percent of the sample.
However, the mean POase activities, the mean DZOase activities, and the mean DZOase/POase ratios were significantly different in African-American females compared with Caucasian females and in African-American males compared with Caucasian males (Table 2), again likely reflecting the difference in functional genotype distribution between the racial groups.
At a gathering of Korean Presbyterian clergy serving Caucasian congregations, I heard a good response to this.
Although the association between depression and alcohol use is well documented, the causal sequence is still unclear--especially among Caucasian and African-American adolescents.
In this essay the word is used generically to include all those who are descended from people born on the African continent, just as the term Caucasian is generally understood in Euro-American scholarship.
Then, on April 14, 1994, the body of a 38-year-old caucasian mate was found in his residence by Montgomery County, Maryland, police.
Some bronze figurines of nude women were found also in the mid-1st-millennium BC shrines of the north Caucasian and Daghestan mountains (Markovin 1986).
After Shelving Its Outreach Program To African-Americans, The Christian Coalition Gives Top Priority To The `God-Fearing, Caucasian Middle Class'
Still Tarzan gets the message across anyway: it takes a Caucasian to beat a Caucasian.