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CAUClark Atlanta University
CAUChristian-Albrechts-Universität (Christian Albrechts University; Kiel, Germany)
CAUCentro de Atención A Usuarios
CAUChina Agricultural University
CAUCarlos Albizu University (Miami, Florida)
CAUCruel and Unusual
CAUControlled Access Unit
CAUConfederación Americana de Urología
CAUCommand Arithmetic Unit
CAUCarbon Adsorption Unit
CAUCable Access Unit
CAUCovert Assault Unit (Counter Strike clan)
CAUCybertron Alliance Universe
CAUCell Adapter Unit
CAUCommand Acquisition Unit (NASA)
CAUClient Assessment Unit (establishing disability)
CAUCommand Activation Unit (NASA)
CAUCrew Access Unit (intercom equipment)
CAUCustomer Acquisition Unit (NASA)
CAUCaribbean African Unity (New York)
CAUCentral Arbitration Unit
CAUCrypto-Auxiliary Unit
CAUCommunications Access Unit
CAUCryptographic Ancillary/Authorization Unit
CAUCommunity Advice Unit
CAUConfédération d'Alliances Unies (French: Confederation of United Alliances; online gaming clan)
CAUCommission of the African Union (Ethiopia)
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Paradoxically, the very success of the Syrian jihad (more specifically, of one group waging it) led to the fracturing of the North Caucasian jihadi movement.
The proportion and odds ratios of perceived and diagnosed non-food allergies among Caucasians and non-Caucasians (n = 7995)
Yung kanilang features pwede pagkamalan na Caucasians pero wala ho napatunayan na meron talagang Caucasians sa field, De Lima said at a press conference Thursday.
Editor's Note: "Our study shows that African American men who are diagnosed with a low-grade cancer at first--the cancers that are sometimes watched rather than treated--are more likely to develop aggressive disease sooner than Caucasian men," Dr.
He was a leader of anti-Russian resistance in the Caucasian War and was the third Imam of the Caucasian Imamate (1834--1859).
Table-2: Difference between the mean values of Caucasian and Pakistani females.
Bond said: "It seems that over the long course of human evolution, the trade-off might have worked well enough to boost the frequency of the [variant], especially in the European Caucasian population.
Previous research has shown that African Americans rate comforting messages as less favorable than Caucasians and that they do not differentiate between high and low quality comforting messages.
Asian-Americans also tend to live in households with more members than Caucasian households.
At that time, common criminals and North Caucasian (mostly Chechen) resistance lived in sort of different universes and espoused absolutely different values.
Previous research on meat intake and its relation to breast cancer risk has been limited to Caucasian women.