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CAVERSCommand Asset Visibility Equipment Redistribution System
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Despite the cavers' education level and their familiarity with bats, 14% of the cavers did not consider a bat bite risk for rabies.
And that is why many cavers return to southeast Alaska each year.
A caver built this squeezebox in the challenge course to practice moving carefully through a tight place.
It took 12 minutes to swim from one side to the other and by the time they had dressed the cavers in the right equipment, and fitted them up with specialist gear and cylinders, and showed them how to use it, it took a whole day to get everyone to safety.
Due to the potential effect on caving in general and cavers wishing to visit Mexico, we intend to contest this finding over the next couple of weeks.
Acting British ambassador Vijay Rangarajan said suggestions the cavers were doing anything other than exploring were ``pure fantasy''.
Contact was made with the experienced cavers, one from the Swansea area and one from Gloucester, at 6.
Fifty cavers, rescuers and volunteers took part in the operation, which involved setting up an "anchor" at the cave's mouth then abseiling down to retrieve two of the climbers.
The experienced cavers, a 33-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman, were found early yesterday after the man's wife reported he had failed to return from the day trip.
The two cavers, a man and a woman, were caught by the rising water and were unable to exit the system and sadly both drowned.