CBASCoaching Behavior Assessment System (sports psychology)
CBASCentre for Biomedicine and Society (King's College London; UK)
CBASCincinnati Book Arts Society (Ohio)
CBASComputrols Building Automation System (building automation software)
CBASCollege of Basic and Applied Sciences (various universities)
CBASCommand Budget Automated System
CBASComputerized Building Automation System
CBASCorporate Business Applications Support
CBASCarrying Bibles around School
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42) In accordance with the NBA's initial scheme for fan-base development, the first CBAs stipulated that no player was eligible for the NBA Draft until his college class graduated.
The melting temperature of the polypropylene matrix is between 160 and 170[degrees]C and the melting temperature of the polyethylene in the CBAs is around 100[degrees]C.
In other words, the culture of work needs to become a welcoming one, and CEOs can help create such a culture by working to change the CBA, implementing a mentoring program (including extra pay for mentors), and otherwise creating onboarding programs that encourage existing employees to behave in a welcoming manner.
DoD leadership should mandate the use of CBAs for major resource requirements and decisions.
Campos, CPA was appointed to the CBA in December 2012 by Gov.
A review of the literature revealed that the CBAS has never been subjected to a CFA.
is treated as a benefit in all existing agency CBAs discussing dignity,
105, 155-56 (2013) (describing the popularity of CBAs and the various policy issues, including affordable housing, that they may include).
Of these strategies, CBAs offer a promising way to address structural concerns and at the same time attend to issues pertaining to domestic violence.
Given the dramatic environmental turbulence, this paper raises key questions: (1) What are critical factors affecting knowledge absorption from investing firms in cross-border acquisitions (CBAs) and (2) whether the main factors affecting knowledge acquisition in CBAs have evolved accordingly or not.
In the meantime, here is an archive that has six of the prior CBAs in MLB (http://bizofbaseball.
In Hacienda II, the board abandoned its reliance on Bethlehem Steel but reached the same result, finding that "the CBAs contained an express waiver of the right to continued dues-checkoff past the expiration of the CBA.