CC2Campaign Cartographer 2
CC2Commitment Complex 2
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Caption: Admiral Sir Charles Kingsmill is one of many who claimed the CC1 and CC2 submarines were responsible for saving the city of Victoria, and potentially even the city of Vancouver, from the German Eastern Squadron during World War One.
47] All schizophrenia patients were associated with smaller areas of CC2 (premotor area), and the CC2 area was the only area that was smaller in all schizophrenia patients.
In addition to the increased mode selections, the new ParaZapper[TM] CC2 model has a superior zapping ability i.
Throughout the experiment, except day 1, the SLs recorded in the backcross hybrid groups (BCP2, BPC2) were significantly greater than those of the CC2 control groups (P < 0.
Similarly, OCC2 model represent thresholds and the criteria weights obtained from CC2 model and the explanation ability of this model is then tested on a classification criterion 1.
Slides were deparaffinized with EZ Prep solution then pretreated with CC2 for 56 minutes at 100[degrees]C (Ventana Medical Systems).
Surface and bottom water temperature data were recorded at CC2 during the October 2005-June 2006 deployment with Hobo[R] temperature data loggers (model UA-002-08; Onset Computer Corp.
The quarter-final draw will be: CC1 v CC5, CC2 v HC3, CC3 v HC2, CC4 v HC1.
They house specific types of prisoners, for instance, CC1 only holds convicted adult male prisoners and those on remand, and CC2 only minors (under 18) and female detainees, while provincial and municipal prisons accommodate a mixture of detainees.
However, most obviously missing from CC2 is any acknowledgement of the role independently certified renewable materials play in a low-carbon economy.