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CeCILLCea Cnrs Inria Logiciel Libre (French open source software license)
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359) See CECILL Free Software License Agreement, CECILL, archived at http://perma.
OVERALL FINISHING ORDER: 1 Alex Cox (MO, 21:30); 2 Jillan Mooton (JG, 22:20); 3 Abi Pendew (LO, 22:57); 4 Luke Allen (MO, 25:39); 5 Gerry Cox (M50+, 25:48); 6 Mark Evenson (JB, 25:51); 7 Cecill Scoros (L40+, 25:55); 8 Alex Quinn (JG, 26:12); 9 Caroline Cox (JG, 26:14); 10 Laura Pedersen (JG, 26:51); 11 Brian Crigler (MO, 27:20); 12 Karsten Pedersen (M40, 27:48); 13 Delta Bradshaw (JB, 28:17); 14 Larson Bunting (JG, 28:18); 15 Ahmed Alsaei (MO, 29:09); 16 Susan Alley (L40+, 33:00).
This exercise he leaves almost to the end, when he instructs that 'I will that all my gold plate be duely wayed, by order of Thomas Bellott and the Deane of Westminster, And that my twoe Sonnes Sr Thomas and Sr Robert Cecill shall have the one halfe thereof, and the other halfe to be given to my [grand] daughters the Countess of Derby, the Lady Bridgett and Lady Susan, soe as there be given to my Sister White one peece of thirtie or fortie ounces.
It just turned into our annual family trip,'' said Cecill Holguin, who, with her husband, Kevin, and four children are making their eighth trip to Family Camp.
In one of the earliest cases (1691) John Ker, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, discovered that not only had his wife, Cecill Scott, been 5 months and 3 weeks gone with child to another man at the time she married him, she had continued to meet her lover about 3 times a week after the marriage.