CECEConfederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza
CECECommon Extensible Cryogenic Engine (US NASA; Pratt and Whitney)
CECECommittee for European Construction Equipment
CECECenter for Early Childhood Education (various organizations)
CECECollege of Evening and Continuing Education (University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
CECECentre d'Études Comparatives des Élections (French: Center for Comparative Studies of Elections)
CECECombined Electrolysis and Chemical Exchange
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Sarah took her to a vet, where Cece was found to have fleas and tapeworm.
Cece befriends the victim's closest pals and uncovers a conspiracy of silence and guilt.
Schmidt and Cece will be moving out of the loft where he and his friends first met.
Ma drank too much Coke and rum and laughed a lot with Aunt Cece so she went to bed early.
It seems unlikely that neither CeCe nor her father would know her mother's past, or that Tabitha would intend CeCe to be the one to investigate her murder.
He'd come to adopt three children, but ended up with four: five year-old Cherish; her nine-year-old brother, Isaiah; their 13 year-old sister, CeCe, who had taken care of them for years; and Engedi, a sickly infant whom Sam and an adoption broker had retrieved from "deep in the bush.
QUIET Gina They require over two hours of daily exercise to keep them happy and many can never be let off the lead out of SOCIAL Cece enclosed spaces.
Cece is a 56-year-old white woman who has gained weight steadily for the last 6 years.
Although the absolute level of demand for construction equipment in Europe "is still fine, the mood of European companies is changing," stated Johann Sailer, president of the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) at a press conference on the occasion of the CECE Congress in Berlin.