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CELIACentre d'Études des Langues Indigènes d'Amérique (French: Center for the Study of Indigenous Languages of America)
CELIAComputer Enhanced Language Instruction Archive
CELIACentre Lasers Intenses et Applications (French: Intense Lasers and Applications Center; University of Bordeaux; Bordeaux, France)
CELIACovalent Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay Procedure (immunology)
CELIACompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay
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Celia explained: "It was a conversation that went on for many years with my daughters - how do you manage menstruation on a budget?
En ce qui concerne le territoire algerien, Celia a lance un rappel complet de ses produits suite a la decouverte d'une contamination a la salmonelle en France.
I am appealing to President Duterte: I know you hate illegal drugs, but Mary Jane is only a victim of drugs,' Celia said.
Celia also graduated from Northumberland College at the same time as Fran and for a while taught at Belsay First School.
Celia said she needed to understand the structure and arrangement of flowers; she had to see into the plant to be able to paint the plant.
Celia is surprised to find herself taking to the wild, even as Sharon discovers that there's more of the traditional Jewish daughter in her than she'd previously been willing to own.
Nobody but Mink knows the healing song Celia carries within herself, but she is a reluctant visionary.
Celia lived in Craggs Street, North Ormesby, as a child, and a Sunday out was to walk with her friends, up Cargo Fleet Road, past the Schellenberg works and join the Black Path.
Critique: Impressively researched, exceptionally well written and presented, "Banksia Lady: Celia Rosser, Botanical Artist" is an extraordinary biography of an extraordinarily gifted woman.
But, over time, Celia draws Nonna's garden, kitchen and Celia's old bedroom.
Meanwhile, Celia and Alan are busy planning their honeymoon and thinking of heading to New Zealand, but there's a spanner thrown in the works when someone from Alan's past makes an unexpected appearance.