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CBHCellobiohydrolase (enzyme)
CBHCircumference at Breast Height (forestry)
CBHComic Book Heroes (band)
CBHCentral Baptist Hospital
CBHCompagnie Bancaire Helvétique (French: Swiss Banking Company; Switzerland)
CBHCentre Bourguignon de l'Habitat (French: Burgundy Housing Center)
CBHCenter for Bioethics and Humanities
CBHChild Bearing Hips
CBHConstruction Bois Habitat (French: Wood Habitat Construction; Saint-Omer, France)
CBHCongregation Beth Hatikvah (Jewish synagogue; various locations)
CBHConstructions Bouhier Hubert (French construction company)
CBHChicken Blood Hemolysates
CBHCan't Be Heard
CBHConcept Bois Habitat (French: Concept Wood Housing)
CBHCentre Breton de l'Habitat (French: Breton Housing Center; Étrelles, France)
CBHCole Bulk Handling
CBHCabinet Blanchedan et Hilaire (French consulting firm)
CBHClub de Badminton Heillecourt (Heillecourt, France)
CBHChicago Board of Health
CBHConstruction Bâtiment Habitation (French: Residential Building Construction; various locations)
CBHCoordination Bâtiment & Habitat (French: Housing Construction and Coordination; Brest, France)
CBHComprehensive Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (Lyndhurst, NJ)
CBHClub Badminton Houppeville (Houppeville, France)
CBHCommunity Based Housing (various organizations)
CBHCity of Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills, CA)
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Edwards and others (2008) developed new oligonucleotide primers for fungal cellobiohydrolase I (CBHI) genes and used this to isolate and clone CBHI homologs from forest soil by PCR.
2004) Compound Enzyme Fungal Type Cellulose Cellulase ERM, ECM Cellobiohydrolase ERM, ECM Hemicellulose Xylanase ERM, ECM Mannosidasc ERM Galactosidase ERM Arabinosidase ERM Glucanasc ERM Pectin Polygalacturonase ERM, ECM Tannins Polyphenol oxidase ERM, ECM Peroxidase ERM, ECM Catcchol oxidase ERM, ECM Tyrosinase ERM, ECM Lactase ERM, ECM Lignin Manganese peroxidases ECM Lignase ERM Proteins Acid protease ERM, ECM Chitin Chifnase ERM, ECM Lipids Fatty acid esterase ECM
Cellobiohydrolase and xylanase activities were detected in fluids collected from cultures containing all the carbon sources tested.
Microbial respiration rates at ambient stream temperature and at 20 [degrees] C, fungal biomass, and cellobiohydrolase activity were determined in the laboratory.
Three-dimensional structure of cellobiohydrolase II from Trichoderma reesei.
4) attacks cellulose chains at random, breaking internal bonds into smaller fragments, and progressively generating nonreducing ends on which cellobiohydrolase can act.
Cellobiohydrolase activity varied greatly during the whole period of decay and disappeared at the advanced stages of decay.
The highest activities of cellobiohydrolase and xylanase were measured in fluids collected from cultures containing xylan.
Cellulase is a multienzyme complex that consists of three major enzymes, endo-1, 4 glucanase, cellobiohydrolase and cellobiase (7).
74), which attack cellulose in amorphous zone and release oligomers, cellobiohydrolase (EC 3.