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CENTAMCentral America
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Telia Carrier's global backbone, which is built on a redundant architecture, reaches the most important gateway for Central America, the Maya-1 Cable system.
Central America travel can be a part of many South America trips because many of the countries are so close together.
The challenge of future US humanitarian missions in Central America will be to anticipate and care for persons affected by mal de Mayo.
The leaders of Central America have taken some initial, but bold steps toward this end.
6) and significantly reduced for women from Central America and Mexico (0.
Setting the historical record straight, accounting at least in spirit for the many disappeared, makes a good start in the process of historical atonement for Cold War crimes in Central America.
The programs are good, but they should be carried out by civilian institutions," says Joy Olson, who heads the Central America Working Group, a Washington-based coalition of peace organizations.
This is meant to be the first of four books in preparation on French, German and United States relations with Central America in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Major earthquakes in Central America usually occur along the Pacific coast or in the volcanic highlands, says James Dewey of the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) in Golden, Colo.
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