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CERINCentre de Recherche et d'Information Nutritionnelles (French: Nutritional Information and Research Center)
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Tesler U, Cerin G, Novelli E, Popa AM, Diena M (2009) Evolution of surgical techniques for mitral valve repair.
Cerin (2002) suggests that the traditional environmental, social, and sustainability reports are defined more as public relations products than as effective methodologies to control and manage the corporate performance.
Stronach told a roomful of mostly befuddled horsemen, which included California Thoroughbred Trainers president John Sadler, John Shirreffs, Darrell Vienna, Bruce Headley, Mark Glatt, Eoin Harty, Vladimir Cerin, A.
Similarly, Cerin (2002) identified discrepancies between the actual actions of the reporting firms and what actions are reported in CSR reports and annual reports.
Gifted with exceptional early speed, Albertus Maximus may have learned one vital lesson under former trainer Vladimir Cerin - how to pace himself according to the demands of a race.
When the company is led to Cerin Amroth, they are able to uncover their eyes, and the world of Lothlorien is revealed, reflecting the sense of newness Tolkien argues is a cleaning our windows.
Like Luthien, she must become mortal if she marries a mortal, a choice she willingly makes when she and Aragorn plight their troth on Cerin Amroth (Appendix A,v 425).
The starting eight for Lubbock consisted of first baseman Virgil Richardson, second baseman-manager "Jack" Sullivan, third baseman Jack McAlexander, shortstop Bill Serena, left fielder Pat Rooney, center fielder Jack Cerin, right fielder Ernest "Zeke" Wilemon, catcher Cliff Dooley, and outfielder/catcher Clem "Co" Cola.
my horse can run off the pace or on the lead," said Cerin.