CERMESCentre de Recherche Médecine, Science, Santé et Société (French)
CERMESCentre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (University of the West Indies; Trinidad and Tobago)
CERMESCentre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Mécanique des Sols (French)
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We thank the CDC Core Facility, team members from CERMES for their laboratory support, the PubMLST staff for data management assistance, and the PIBnet team and sequencing facilities at the Institut Pasteur'.
Adapted from CERMES 2008) Table 3: CNFO Engagement in Regional Fisheries Activities and its Interaction with CRFM and CCCFP Activities Interactions CRFM and CERMES consultancies on CNFO attended workshops to share Eastern Caribbean flyingfish and views and experiences relevant large pelagic fisheries to governance.
Address for correspondence: Jean-Marc Collard, Biology Unit, CERMES, 634 blvd de la Nation, YN034 BP 10887, Niamey, Niger; email: jmcollard@cermes.
Carriage studies carried out by CERMES were approved by the national ethics committee of Niger in February 2003.
Pascal Boisier is a medical epidemiologist and head of the epidemiology unit of CERMES in Niger.
Therefore, CERMES decided to include the PCR assay in the national framework of the routine surveillance system of the MOH in November 2002 to be ready when the next meningitis season began in January.