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CERSCerus Corporation (stock symbol)
CERSCenter for Excellence in Rural Safety (University of Minnesota)
CERSConsumer Education and Research Society (Ahmedabad, India)
CERSCentre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management (Hanken School of Economics; Helsinki, Finland)
CERSCertified Expert Recovery Specialist (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CERSCertified Employee Retention Specialist
CERSCommittee to Elect a Republican Senate (Wisconsin)
CERSCrew Emergency Rescue System
CERSCrew Equipment Retrieval System
CERSCollection/Exam Referral System
CERSCommander Emergency Recovery Section
CERSCarrier Evaluation & Reporting System
CERSClass Event and Resource Scheduler (STASS)
CERSCombat Environment Realism System
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A CER is a carbon certificate issued when an organisations prevents one tonne of CO2 equivalent being emitted through a registered carbon project.
Many companies that received their CE mark certification before 2012 have begun submitting revised CERs as part of the five-year review cycle for their products.
As public pressure has mounted due to scandals such as the PIP case, the business case for viewing CERs as a fundamental part of a product technical file, especially where clinical data for the device is unavailable, is extremely strong.
Strathclyde Police's a s s i s t a n t c h i e f constable Fiona Taylor sa id : "Around 9 0 Strathclyde public order offi cers will train with PSNI colleagues next week.
India is the second top source of CERs in the UN's Clean Development Mechanism.
ENERGY RESOURCE-20 November 2008-World Energy Solutions Announces CER Auction(C)2008 JeraOne - http://www.
All the factors affecting the price of CERs were also analysed and the effect on the amount of CERs that will be traded based on these factors was looked into.
How are CER projects informing how pharma firms market their products?
In May, o cers found the biggest cannabis factory in the city's history, seizing PS1.
The supplier should ensure that the CERs purchased by UNISDR are not sold to anyone else by retiring them from
CantorCO2e is holding the first ever internet auction where a binding contract for the sale of the CERs is complete immediately following the close of the auction.
34 million CERs had been sold forward at 30 June 2007, representing expected total forward CER revenue of EU410m and net trading margin of EU181m through to 2013.