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CHABChemistry and Applied Biosciences (various universities)
CHABConfederate Historical Association of Belgium (Brussels, Belgium)
CHABCyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms
CHABCentre for the Human-Animal Bond (Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine; West Lafayette, IN)
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gong sa mchog gis chab srid kyi mdzad 'gan yongs rdzogs 'os 'dems byas pa'i 'go khrid tshos 'gan khur dgos pa'i gsung 'phrin dang bka' slob stsalb.
Chab Mami was convicted in July 2009 to a five year sentence after being found guilty of physical violence against his French girlfriend.
Prairie dogs were confirmed positive on recovery of an isolate with characteristic growth on CHAB and positive testing of the isolate by DFA or ISFtu2 polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
Socialism, meanwhile, maintains that land, instead of humans, must be exploited," said theologian Cut Chab.
Le defunt est l'un des fondateurs du mouvement de l'art plasticien au Maroc, a souligne l'artiste peintre Abdallah El Hariri, dans une declaration a la MAP, ajoutant que le deces de Mohamed Chab est une grande perte pour la scene artistique nationale .
According to the al Moheet online newspaper, Chab Mamy wanted to apologize to victim and said that he regrets what he had done that he is very sorry for doing what he did and wants his old girlfriend to forgive him.
Tibetan Documents, 146, Chab gyi ya-bgo / Chab kyi ya-mgo is found on its own in the funerary text PT 1136.
For more information or to reserve a seat call Cindy Chab at 301-261-1570.
bZhes zla [a close servant of the king] answered that it had been taken from the rTsang chab river of 'Om bu tshal.
12:00 Beirut Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Audi receives Deputy Bassem Chab.
The catalogue mentions the following craftsmen: directors (zhal ta ba), scribal managers (yig gnyer ba), proofreaders (zhus dag pa), chief scribes (gtso bo yig mkhan) (also known as "distinguished scholars," the same appellation given to the recipients of Bu ston's letter), paper makers (shog bzo ba), engravers (rkos mkhan), goldsmiths who worked on the book covers (gdong rkos kyi gser bzo mkhan), page-numberers (grangs yig pa), collators (gras mkhan), book-strap makers (sku rags mkhan), and blacksmiths who made the buckles for the straps (sku rags kyi chab ma'i mgar ba).
The O'Brien trio will face two colts of immense potential in the Kevin Prendergast-trained Kingsfort, winner of a hot Curragh maiden in his only start, and Jim Bolger's Chab a l , successful on his debut at Leopardstown last Saturday.