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CFDContract for Difference (markets/trading)
CFDChild and Family Development
CFDCenter for Dance (various locations)
CFDComplement Factor D (aka adipsin; gene)
CFDComprobantes Fiscales Digitales (Spanish: Digital Fiscal Receipts; Mexico)
CFDCommunity Facilities District
CFDCheyenne Frontier Days (Cheyenne, WY rodeo)
CFDCorporate Finance Department (various organizations)
CFDChicago Fire Department
CFDCharleston Fire Department (Charleston, WV)
CFDCorporate Finance Division (various organizations)
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CFDCaisse Française de Développement (French: French Development Fund)
CFDCall For Discussion (Internet)
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CFDChristlicher Friedensdienst eV
CFDCombat Functions Division
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CFDCustomer Focused Discussions
CFDCockpit Forward Design (Volvo)
CFDConfederation of Democratic Simulators (gaming)
CFDCommander of Fixed Defenses
CFDCampaign to Fix the Debt (Washington, DC)
CFDConstant Fraction Detector
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Eads Defence Electronics is designing a suite for the new A400M military transport that includes an Eads Defence Electronics/Indra ALR-400 RWR and a chaff/flare dispenser.
The first of which, seen in 1996, was the addition of the Boz-107 chaff/flare dispenser pod on re-activated underwing hard points, and installation of the Vinten (now part of Thales) Vicon 78-series 455 countermeasures dispensing system in a twin installation under the inner starboard wing.
The BOZ 100 series is the current chaff/flare dispenser pod used on the Tornado and French Jaguars.
The helicopter's countermeasures systems include the Elettronica ELT-554 radar jammer, the BAE Systems IEWS (Rockville, MD) AN/ALQ-144A infrared (IR) jammer, and chaff/flare dispensers.
For countering infrared (IR) threats, they are fitted with the BAE Systems (Nashua, NH) AN/AAR-47(V) missile-approach warners and M130 chaff/flare dispensers (two on the Puma and six on the much larger Chinook).
The ALQ-213 provides a single control panel which gives the pilot visibility and control of all EW components installed on the aircraft, such as radar-and missile-warning systems, chaff/flare dispensers, jammers, and towed decoys.
The number of MBDA Eclair chaff/flare dispensers (forming a part of the Spirale system) is to be increased, and all aircraft are to receive MBDA DDM missile-launch detectors.
It is not yet known what kind of self-protection suite will be purchased by Greece, though it will probably be similar to the standard US suite, which consists of the AN/APR-39A(V)1 radar-warning receiver, the AN/AVR-2A laser warner, the AN/ALQ-144A(V)3 infrared jammer, the AN/ALQ-136(V) radar jammer, and AN/ALE-39 chaff/flare dispensers.
13 variant, the ECM system consists of the SPO- 15 Byeryoza radar-warning receiver, two BVP-30-26 chaff/flare dispensers (60 26mm rounds), and the Gardenya 1FU active radio-frequency jammer.
It consisted of the SPO-15 (Mi-24D; only much later versions carried the-15, while earlier versions had the -10) or SPO-15M (Mi-24V, Mi-24P) radar-warning receiver, four (six on later variants) ASO-2V chaff/flare dispensers, and the L-166V-I Ispanka active IR jammer.
Details about the system are classified, but it is known that it integrates with the AN/ALR-66(V)3 radar-warning receiver, an active jamming transmitter, and chaff/flare dispensers.
The system integrates the Elisra SPS-1000(V)5 radar-warning receiver, the Northrop Grumman (Rolling Meadows, IL) AN/ALQ-131(V)2 Block 2 jamming pod, and four BAE Systems (Austin, TX) AN/ALE-40 and chaff/flare dispensers.