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CHUICharacter-Based User Interface
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This also indicates replacing databases that are offered only in a character-based user interface with products distributed in a GUI format.
The answer to the second question lies in whether end users perceive character-based user interfaces as easier to use than graphical user interfaces.
This model worked fairly well when there were simple character-based user interfaces, accessible by a small number of "data processing" employees.
PROBLEM: The combination of disparate systems, antiquated host-based architectures and inefficient character-based user interfaces were adversely affecting productivity and customer service, while increasing system maintenance.
It also supports Web browser, ActiveX, Java(TM), graphical and character-based user interfaces.
The Renex products are used to enable the character-based user interfaces of mainframe and midrange business applications, originally designed to run on "dumb terminals", to be operated in their original form on PC's and over the Web.
A Flexible Desktop Client that allows any combination of Web browser, Windows client, and character-based user interfaces for both information publishing and business transactions.