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10-29Check Records (police code)
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Third, there are no guidelines in respect of how long certain types of Police Information Check records should be retained and some are kept indefinitely.
Check records and names of these criminals with the jail wardens in their respective provinces, cities and municipalities.
He said few firms check records so they can halt paying annuities when someone dies, but don't apply the same practice for life insurance claims.
While it is true that state police will check to see if a gun that is being transferred is listed as stolen, background check records must be destroyed after five years.
He added: "As well as allowing users to check records, the app can be used to add information, opening up opportunities for volunteers to get directly involved in archaeological recording and investigation.
technology to check records of vehicles and suspects.
HM Revenue and Customs have unrolled a specialist taskforce to visit Teesside traders and check records.
They should take care in dealing with each individual patient to check records concerning drug requirements and drug use, so that there are appropriate drugs on hand," the Tribunal stated.
Then he sees that he is already outside the Computeraid office and enters to make calls, check records, enter data, arrange transport.
Luckily the judge was more sensible and criticised the police for being too lazy to check records.
Sixty percent of employers indicated that they always check criminal records before hiring, and 78 percent of the establishments that always check records use an outside security agency to run background checks.
Sibal, director- general of hydrocarbons ( DGH), to check records following charges of receiving favours from Mukesh Ambani- led Reliance Industries Ltd ( RIL) to approve a four- fold increase in capital expenditure for KG- D6 fields, a charge denied by him.