CHEEBACreating A Harmless Environment to Enjoy Buds Appropriately (Macalester College)
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Born in 2009, Cheeba Chews(TM) provides award winning cannabis infused edible products, ranging from chocolate taffy, to caramel and mixed fruit gummies.
Cheeba Sound / Virgin Records sensation D'Angelo was a two-time winner this year.
I'm told the bass player has just signed a pounds 500,000 worldwide deal with Cheeba Sound, a subsidiary of Virgin records.
D'Angelo, Virgin Records / Cheeba Sound superstar, co-headlined a male-dominated ensemble for VH1's special, "Men Strike Back," which premiered April 18.
Hash, weed, pot, cheeba - call it what you will - in Amsterdam, dope springs eternal.
Godfrey says the band name comes from a fusion of MOR (for middle-of-the-road) and cheeba (slang for marijuana).
We are proud to have been worked with his label Cheeba Sound on the presentation of this incredible work, and look forward to affording as many possible people the opportunity to appreciate it.