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CHEMCentre des Hautes Études Militaires (French)
CHEMChemical Hazards Emergency Management (Australia)
CHEMChemistry Mission
CHEMCenter for Healthcare Environmental Management
CHEMCertified Healthcare Environmental Manager
CHEMCharge-Energy-Mass (spectrometer)
CHEMCold Hibernated Elastic Memory
CHEMCentre des Hautes Études du Métal (French: Center for Advanced Studies of Metal)
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LG Chem will provide a variety of support measures for them to strengthen their core competitiveness.
The acquisition allows NAGASE to combine its technical expertise and existing supplier and customer relationships with those of Fitz Chem, creating opportunities for sustained growth in the U.
Fitz Chem, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nagase America, will continue to conduct business under the 'Fitz Chem' name as Fitz Chem LLC.
Upon closing, Fitz Chem, which will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Nagase America, will continue to conduct business under the "Fitz Chem" name as Fitz Chem LLC.
LG Chem will be exclusively supplying around 20,000 RO desalination filters, with capacity to produce around 250,000 tons of desalinated water a day for some 800,000 people, to the plant by the end of 2017.
An LG Chem official said: "The results of a series of tests by SWRO showed that LG Chem's filters excel in eliminating salt and boron from seawater.
Trust Chem has the largest independent laboratories in China, where over forty full-time employees are responsible for quality control, product development and research.
Tata Chem is also a key player in the complex fertiliser segment, driven largely by strong position in di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) markets in West Bengal and Bihar.
President Barack Obama paid a visit to Holland, Michigan, for the groundbreaking of LG Chem s battery plant earlier this month.
As with the engineering science program at the University of Toronto, the aim of the Eng Chem program is to train students as both scientists and engineers, in order to enhance their problem-solving abilities.
Practical procedure for estimation of corticosterone and hydrocortisone Clin Chem 1958;4:278-85.
With the addition of these assets, we believe CHEM will be well positioned to become the leading provider of methanol backup power systems to the telecom industry.