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CEBSChemical Effects in Biological Systems
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Systems toxicology and the Chemical Effects in Biological Systems knowledge base.
Gene expression data generated by the TRC will support the field of toxicogenomics as a whole as well as assist the NIEHS NCT in developing the Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) knowledge base described below.
2003) proposed a conceptual framework of chemical effects in biological systems [(CEBS) Chemical Effects in Biological Systems knowledge base] to meet the expanding toxicogenomic research needs at the National Center for Toxicogenomics (NCT) (Tennant 2002), including both NCT intramural research and research within the Toxicogenomics Research Consortium (TRC) (Medlin 2002).
Pierre Bushel, bioinformatics manager at the center, says data generated there are shared with public repositories such as Gene Expression Omnibus and ArrayExpress, in addition to a new "knowledge base" at the NCT called Chemical Effects in Biological Systems.
The Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) Knowledge Base will capture and integrate global molecular expression data with pathway and regulatory network information related to toxicology and human disease (Waters et al.
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