CHEOChildren's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
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So Cheo, who claimed he had been put under pressure from his friend's family in Cameroon, found a woman willing to tie the knot - for a fee.
In some instrumentals, original poetry by Cheo Jeffery Allen Solder was narrated accompanied with Arabic translation by the versatile Egyptian storyteller Abeer Soliman.
Don Cheo was a farmer who did odd jobs for others who had more money, a gaunt man of few words.
Aspects of this study were funded by a research grant from the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO.
They are designed by some of the UK''s best known street artists such as Inkie and Paris & Cheo and are machine washable.
Nereus Patrick Cheo, Tobithe Moghomayic Jason William, and Moghomayie Serge Simplice
Guangxi: Huangjiang, 25[degrees]07'N, 107[degrees]58'E, 600 m, 13 Aug 2005, Dong 1976 (IBSC); Lingyun, 11 Dec 1933, Steward & Cheo 7 (PE); Longzhou (formerly Lungchow), 1901, Morse 63 (K); Napo, 23[degrees]00'N, 105[degrees]51'E, 1000 m, 13 Jun 2009, Dong 2956 (IBSC); Tianlin, 24[degrees]29'N, 106[degrees]21'E, 1150 m, 20 Jun 2009, Dong 3001 (IBSC).
People who live in the Ottawa-Carleton region recognize the outstanding work CHEO does for our community.
Most of the CHEO meetings have an educational component to them, with guest speakers, but this one will be just to share among themselves.
Since both had been named Jose, the group became known as the Hermanos Cheos (Cheo is a slang form of Joe).
Both catalogs have deep roots in Puerto Rico and include many top talents such as Ismael Rivera, Tito Rodriguez, Hector Lavoe, Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda and La Sonora Poncena.
Cheo Jiang, from Chinese restaurant Han Dynasty next door, also called for urgent help with rent and rates.