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ChiComChinese Communist
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Thus, even "successful" action may not necessarily prevent the ChiComs from detonating a nuclear device in the next few years.
The missiles, launchers, fire-control radar, missile guidance system, and the power supply equipment had just traveled 1,200 miles over mostly unpaved highway The ChiCom battery reinstalled them on the newly constructed site and with the new ECM.
Jack resumed overflight missions on October 31, 1964, after the first ChiCom atomic bomb had been tested on October 16.
The cause was probably due to the inappropriate SSB frequency selected for that distance and time of day Mound 9:20 PM the ROC COMINT station lost the U-2 position information that they received from intercepting the communication of the ChiCom air defense system.
I'll do the CHICOM first, then the guy in back, then the guy in front, if he's still visible, OK?
Five meters to his rear, the CHICOM officer did the same, but he held no weapon--his pistol was clearly holstered and he was holding, of all things, a small briefcase.
We're all gonna end up dead or in some f CHICOM prison camp.
Ten yards away, a CHICOM 61mm mortar round slammed into the frozen ground, with a bright flash and CRUMP sending fragments of steel and frozen earth whizzing in all directions.
One proposal called for a "deception operation involving the laying down of arms caches containing Soviet, Czech and Chicom arms in selected areas of Latin America, ostensibly proving the arms were smuggled from Cuba.
On the other hand, a guy once gave me this coin he called a "powerful good luck charm"--but within a week I made the intimate acquaintance of a ChiCom 82mm mortar round.