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CHIBOCanadian Home Inspectors and Building Officials
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Kerosene was poured on the chibo and a match struck; flames leaped up to cast shadows of the chanting children on the houses' mud walls.
Because we had a date to burn more chibo with the girls at the hotel, and walking there by way of Arat Kilo would take a good half hour, Binyam and I decided to risk crossing the bridge, which I'd been told is one of the most dangerous places in the city at night.
On an average night, Chibo serves 200 to 250 people, with the number jumping up to between 300 and 350 during July, August, September, and the holidays.
Many of the Japanese tourists who eat at Chibo live in Osaka, and are glad to have food that tastes like home.
For those who weren't, the staff recommended the classic Butatama with its base of cabbage and pork; the Doutonbori with beef, shrimp, cheese and pork; or the protein-dense Chibo with prawns, scallops, beef and pork.
Now, Chibo Okonomiyaki has a six-story building in Osaka's famous Shinsaibashi Dotonbori where there is a queue of hungry diners until closing time.
Malcolm's challenge left Chibo with bleeding gums but the midfielder suffered no further damage.
The defender had already been booked when he clashed with Said Chibo.
Matthew Kaye, * Julian Druce, * Thomas Tran, * Renata Kostecki, * Doris Chibo, * Jessica Morris, * Mike Catton, * and Chris Birch *
Chibo is a medical scientist at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory in Victoria, Australia.