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Mohamed Ibrahim, Agnes Samuel, Fawzy Samuel, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada; Hany Ammar, Suez Unviersity, Suez, Egypt; Mahmoud Soliman, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Blondin credited companies involved in the submarine program for playing a role in returning the vessels to operational status, in particular HMCS Chicoutimi.
Qui plus est, la topographie particuliere de Chicoutimi, caracterisee par la presence de la riviere et ses fortes denivellations en bordure, ne fait que convaincre de la pertinence de mettre en relation I'emplacement de I'edifice avec sa fonction et ses caracteristiques formelles.
To respect the wishes of the crew, no formal events are planned to commemorate the first anniversary of the Chicoutimi.
In terms of methodology, we have chosen two organizations for our study: the Chicoutimi Cultural District and the Green Acres of the Fjord.
A military inquiry into the Chicoutimi fire is expected to report its findings on November 30.
Canadian Minister of National Defence Bill Graham views the damage on board HMCS Chicoutimi
The Chicoutimi, which had just been sold to Canada by the Royal Navy, is not expected to dock at the base until late tonight.
The Chicoutimi had been en-route from the UK to Canada - a journey expected to last a fortnight - when disaster struck, a spokesman said.
The incident happened just over a week after claims that Canada might sue Britain over the purchase of four submarines - including the Chicoutimi - after they had been plagued by 'malfunctions'.
Or look at the aluminum cluster that the Province of Quebec has been building in Chicoutimi for the last 15 years.
Bishop Bruce Stavert of Quebec, in a letter published in the diocesan newspaper, said the communities of the lower north shore (from about Chicoutimi to Sept-Iles along the St.