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CASNCanadian Association of Schools of Nursing (Ontario, Canada)
CASNCareer Academy Support Network (University of California, Berkeley)
CASNChildhood Agricultural Safety Network (Wisconsin)
CASNColorado Association of School Nurses (Windsor, CO)
CASNChemical Abstract Service (Registration) Number
CASNCharlotte Area Science Network (Charlotte, NC)
CASNChina AIDS Solidarity Network (international coalition)
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Childhood Agricultural Safety Network, a coalition of 38 health, safety and youth organizations, launches the "Keep Kids Away from Tractors" campaign.
The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN) is a newly formed coalition of health and safety organizations across the nation.
NATIONAL FINALISTS: Dow AgroSciences / Bader Rutter & Associates Childhood Agricultural Safety Network / The Gunter Agency Merial Limited / Bader Rutter & Associates CHS, Inc.
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