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CHIOSCultural Heritage Interchange Ontology Standardization
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It was then that Angie decided to explore other destinations that she could help and her last endeavour, before jetting off to Lebanon to start work with the International Relief Organisation, was to aid refugee children in Chios.
Under a European Union deal with Turkey, migrants and refugees arriving after March 20 are to be held in centres set up on five Aegean islands, including Chios, and sent back if their asylum applications are not accepted.
This discovery, in connection with the above mentioned antioxidant and hypolipidemic activities of Chios mastic gum led us to the hypothesis that mastic and particularly its neutral fraction (NMF) containing phytosterol-like compounds, could possess antiatheromatic activities, because of the well established effect of plant sterols on the atheromatic disease (Ling and Jones, 1995).
A police spokesman for the northern Aegean region to which Chios belongs said about 300 people had left the centre.
Police said they had found in the man's possession cameras, laptops, maps and glasses with an embedded camera, and an email the he had sent last week to an unidentified recipient with details on Greek warships and army vehicles on Chios.
With just the sea in the background, the only clue was some Greek writing visible on the back of the ship - ATHNA LIBANOY XIOS - which after a little research I was able to translate as Athina Livanos Chios.
Mastic is exclusively obtained from the Pistacia lentiscus tree, which is endemic to the Greek island of Chios.
Gladly" may be an exaggeration, but Michael Robinson did the heavy lifting in terms of carrying this forward with the active support of our National Directors, Professor Michael Scharf, (5) our United States Director here at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and Chios Carmody, (6) our Canadian Director from The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law.
Mastic tree thrives and gives mastic only in the south part of the island of Chios and nowhere else in the Word.
Bulent Tanik, mayor of Cankaya town of Ankara, said on his part that the photographs were taken in the Greek islands of Samos and Chios and they showed magnificent natural beauties of the islands.
This flight will give us the chance to meet our manufacturers and the Cooperative of Mastiha Growers on the island of Chios in Greece, as well as strategize for 2011 growth with key shareholders at the mastihashop offices in Athens.
Greek airline Olympic Air today announced that it is offering fares priced at EUR15 one-way for flights between Athens and Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, Chios and Kos.