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A Time to Kill was released in 1996 with Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock, The Runaway Jury in 2003 with John Cusack and Rachel Weisz (left), as well as seasonal release Christmas with the Kranks.
SUNDAY 21 PREMIERE Christmas with the Kranks (Five, 7pm) Adapted from the John Grisham novel Skipping Christmas, this is a warm but unadventurous, festive film about the importance of family and friends.
Better titled Dreck the Halls, it almost makes you wish they'd reissued Christmas With The Kranks instead.
In reality, the making of Little Miss Sunshine probably has more in common with Christmas with the Kranks than Clerks.
The Christian groups used so effectively as ticket sellers are now busy raising the profile of Tim Allen's Christmas with the Kranks, apparently it's a Jewish-Christian feast of understanding.
JAMIE LEE CURTIS used to take every opportunity to show off her body, so it came as a shock for her to bulk up for her role as a mum in Christmas With The Kranks, which co-stars TIM ALLEN.
IN CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS, WHICH JUMP-STARTED the holiday movie season this year, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen play a couple of empty nesters trying to opt out of the clutter and expense of Christmas by skipping town on a cruise.
The film that has prompted this about-turn is Christmas With The Kranks.
And remember last year Santa gave you Surviving Christmas and Christmas With The Kranks, so just be grateful
Christmas With The Kranks (PG) Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen bodyswerve Christmas in no-brainer comedy.
Based on the novel Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, Christmas With The Kranks is a madcap ensemble comedy that frequently falls flat.