CHRRCalifornia Hot Rod Reunion
CHRRCenter for Hazards and Risk Research (Columbia University)
CHRRCenter for Human Resource Research (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
CHRRCanadian Human Rights Reporter (est. 1980; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CHRRCenter for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (est. 1995; Malawi)
CHRRCommittee for Human Rights in Romania (est. 1978; Washington, DC)
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The CHRR has developed weights that can be used to account for the initial oversampling of ethnic minority and economically disadvantaged youths and for attrition over time.
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To facilitate comparison of the BPI over different waves of data, the CHRR (2000) developed standardized scores that are normed to have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.
The data are prepared for public use by the staff of the CHRR at Ohio State University.
A regular customer of the complainant's employer and the complainant: Jalbert v Moore (1996), 28 CHRR D/349 (BCCHR);
3) [1989] 1 SCR 143, 10 CHRR D/5719 [Andrews] (challenging the Law Society of British Columbia's requirement that lawyers be Canadian citizens).
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