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d]) and after applying a local filter, an operation that could be thought as a projection onto a two-qubit system, namely P [cross product] Q with P := |1)(1| + |2)(2|, and Q := |1)(1| + |2)(2|, he found that the final state violated the CHSH inequality Eq.
n])[rho]] as defined in the CHSH nonlocality section.
being h the binary entropy defined in the EoF and CHSH sections.
Here, we comment on a couple of remarks: The first implication is restrictive in the sense that there exist entangled local states (states that do not violate any Bell inequality, in particular, the CHSH inequality), although useful for teleportation (Popescu 1994).
CHSH] formed by states satisfying the CHSH inequality even after all possible local filtering (LF) operations (Masanes et al.
it holds that, [OMEGA] ([rho]) does not violate CHSH.
CHSH] as the set of states that do not violate CHSH even after k tensoring themselves or LF, also called not asymptotically violation (Masanes 2006), we have the relation [P'.
CHSH], which would imply that the CHSH nonlocality of [tau] has been activated (in the sense of [P.
In Figure 4, we have plotted the nonlocality-related properties discussed throughout the paper for these WI states, namely, EoF, CHSH, SA, HN and activation T&LF.
A few things should be pointed out: First, even though the nonlocality limit point obtained from the CHSH inequality is [p.
Now, checking its CHSH maximal violation by means of the criterion Eq.
We have CHSH violation when max [mathematical expression not reproducible], Eq.