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CIMADEComité Inter Mouvements Auprès des Évacués (French evacuation assistance group)
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Independientemente del hecho de que esa politica es totalmente contraria a los grandes principios de nuestra democracia, a la legislacion francesa y a los convenios internacionales sobre proteccion a refugiados e inmigrantes firmados por Francia, lo que pasa desde 2002 demuestra que la represion no surte efecto", enfatiza el secretario general de la Cimade.
Under the project, the Cimade and all its partners recruited a consultant to assist the process of final
La Cimade est une association creee en 1939 pour aider les personnes deplacees par la guerre et agit depuis pour l'accueil et l'accompagnement social et juridique des etrangers en France.
The Canadian Council of Churches also received money from Danchurchaid in Denmark, Cimade in France, Brot fur die Welt, Diakonisches Werk, and Lutherischen Weltbund in Germany, and Mennonites and Stichting in the Netherlands.
In becoming "the largest privately funded Christian relief and development organization in the world", as their website indicates, World Vision went through the promotional evolution from pictures of starving children to more sensitive appeals for contributions, as ecumenical agencies like Church World Service, Christian Aid, Cimade and others had done many years earlier.
In substance, this is the opinion of Eleanor Sharpston, the advocate-general of the EU Court of Justice,a in a case between the French state and two French organisations in charge of refugees, CIMADE and Groupe d'information et de soutien des immigres (GISTI).
Entre los firmantes del "llamado urgente a favor de una sociedad solidaria" destacan organizaciones como Le Secours Catholique y La Cimade, de gran solidez en Francia.
Pasteur Robert Jacques Bois, former general secretary of CIMADE, died at the age of 83 on 24 December 2009 in Saussan, France.
Jusque la, rien que de tres louable: Terre des Hommes, le CIMADE, Medecins sans Frontieres s'engagent sur cette piste.
The NGO's members include associations such as Cimade in France, the Human Rights League in Belgium, Arci in Italy and Cear in Spain.
El CIMADE interviene en los centros mismos, batalla diariamente para defender a los internos y confiesa que no se da abasto.
In 1968 he was called to direct an international student centre run by CIMADE, the French ecumenical organization working with refugees and migrant workers.