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CIPROCompanies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (South Africa)
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Until recently, Cipro resistance has occurred in just 2 percent of Shigella infections tested in the United States, but was found in 90 percent of samples tested in the recent clusters.
Cipro became emotional as he described the class, which he said is the first of its kind in the country.
In return, Barr agreed not to market generic Cipro before Bayer's patent expired.
Cipro is used for serious, tougher-to-treat infections.
Executives should have used the anthrax crisis, and Cipro, as a way to firmly reestablish Bayer as a trusted brand in tough times.
public health system responded by putting thousands of people on Cipro.
Terrorism raises the possibility that to get their Cipro or smallpox shots, Quinn and Dowd would have to fight their neighbors along with the great unwashed likely to be piled up already at the local emergency room--an unpalatable situation for anyone, but especially for those accustomed to being above the fray.
American Pie actress SHANNON ELIZABETH says: 'I carry the anthrax-fighting drug Cipro with me.
Penicillin and Cipro are the antibiotics effective against it.
In fact, taking Cipro when a person is not exposed to anthrax can do more harm than good, because it can lead to the growth of a drug-resistant strain of the disease.
In November, Bayer Corporation stepped up its production of Cipro (the first FDA-approved antibiotic to treat inhaled anthrax) by 25 percent to handle the increasing demand.
8 -- Washington Times ran an op-ed by Oliver on the antibiotic Cipro.