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CLDNClaudin (gene family)
CLDNCanadian Lightning Detection Network (est. 1998; Environment Canada)
CLDNCalling Line Directory Number
CLDNCommunity Learning Disability Nurses (UK)
CLDNChronic Lung Disease of the Newborn (pediatrics)
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Ma et al (88) showed increased expression of PTC-associated markers, such as neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin, CK19, and claudin 1, in foci of atypical follicular epithelium compared with peritumoral benign thyroid tissue, whereas Prasad et al (89) identified the expression of HBME-1, galectin-3, CK19, CITED1, and fibronectin in PTC-like nuclear alterations of CLT.
Fernando Claudin, The Communist Movement: From Comintern to Cominform, Part Two: The Zenith of Socialism, trans.
The claudin family of tight junction proteins serve as key regulators of permeability in the lung (Koval 2013).
C, C-terminal sequences of selected claudin isoforms displaying phosphorylatable residues at the [P.
A recent study suggests that butyrate is a major factor controlling the permeability of the blood-brain barrier via its effect on levels of the tight junction proteins claudin and occludin (Braniste, 2014).
Book I: De la Komintern al Kominform (Madrid: Ruedo Iberico, 1978), even if the context of Claudin is not the same as the context in Latin America.
28) Asi lo entiende Lluis Llach, quien considera el monolinguismo como "una de nuestras unicas armas de enfrentamiento contra un sistema centralista y opresor", Claudin, Victor: op.
CLAUDIN, Fernando La crisis del movimiento comunista, t.
All modern French architects,' observed Gustave Claudin in 1867, 'spell out and vaguely dream of a style which one would be tempted to call the neo-Greco-Gothico-Pompadour-Pompeian'.
24) Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that claudin expression influence bile canaliculi formation.
Claudin, "Identification of thrust force models for vibratory drilling," International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, vol.
Tsukita's group discovered claudin molecules in 1998 and confirmed that claudins are the key molecules in tight junctions.