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CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Company (telecommunications provider)
CLECCitizens/Labor Energy Coalition
CLECContinuing Legal Education Committee
CLECClear Lake Education Center (Escanaba, MI)
CLECCommunity Living Essex County (Essex, Ontario, Canada)
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Behind the scenes, the carrier-to-carrier dance between the CLEC and the ILEC is equally complex.
A combination of in-region ILEC and out-of-region CLEC operations using the same platform will yield operational efficiencies as well.
As is standard for the author's reports their assessment of the market is followed by extended profiles of 28 leading IOC CLEC operations.
This edition of the CLEC Report(TM) focuses on 56 traditionally voice-focused; facilities based CLECs, as well as another 13 that could attain facilities-based status in the next 24 months.
One of a growing number of IOCs deploying a FTTH network, Grand Mound has begun implementing the network in sections within its CLEC territory and plans to continue expanding the FTTH area to include a large portion of its customer base.
Becoming a CLEC allows the Company to obtain and control its own phone numbers, as opposed to paying a fee or licensing such numbers from carriers, as most VoIP companies have to do, and to offer special numbering sequences to our clients, which bring premium rates.
Based in Markham, Ontario, FCI Broadband is a facilities-based, broadband services company and CLEC that provides business and residential telecommunications solutions including local and long distance telephone, high speed Internet and data center services across the Greater Toronto Area.
Today's announcement further demonstrates CommPartners' momentum in expanding our private network to deliver strategic telephony solutions to become the nation's largest CLEC.
Recent changes in regulations, particularly in UNE-P, will result in revenue contraction that will peak in 2006 but continue through 2009," said Aaron Nutt, ATLANTIC-ACM analyst covering the CLEC sector.
The intensifying price competition within the residential CLEC market is compounded by the entry of more participants such as cable telephony operators as well as voice over broadband providers.
This year's report shows the CLEC industry continuing to face significant challenges, yet with many players exhibiting staying power in the marketplace.
ILEC Will Add Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Transport to Its Access Network and Build New CLEC