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CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Company (telecommunications provider)
CLECCitizens/Labor Energy Coalition
CLECContinuing Legal Education Committee
CLECClear Lake Education Center (Escanaba, MI)
CLECCommunity Living Essex County (Essex, Ontario, Canada)
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Randy Madge is a valuable addition to our CLEC Management Team", said Mike Nash, Senior Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer, "With our growing CLEC efforts and movement into new markets, adding a person of Randy's caliber is vital to meeting our strategic goals.
Your CLEC partner should be able to deploy quickly at a cost that is reasonable to the end user.
Telephone Drummond is registered as a CLEC and will start its operations in 2007 to serve the Drummondville area.
Given the dynamic nature of the CLEC industry, we do not forecast a simple linear growth trend for these companies in aggregate," said Craig Clausen, Senior Vice President of NPRG.
As the leading national CLEC organization, we are very pleased to offer this valuable resource on the ALTS Web site and to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to gain in-depth data on our exciting industry.
The CLEC industry, seemingly moving toward stability at the end of 2003, has again entered a period of uncertainty and volatility.
The TMNG CLEC Planner(TM) is comprised of two key components -- a Financial Model and a Cost Table.
By reaping the benefits of a CLEC strategy and taking advantage of the CSX's next-generation capabilities, Grand Mound is ambitiously surpassing the standards and capabilities of status quo, legacy switching.
Lanciano noted that technical progress achieved in connection with the company's Phase I SBIR grant has provided a foundation for designing a variety of CLEC catalysts.
Becoming a CLEC allows the Company to obtain and control its own phone numbers, as opposed to paying a fee or licensing such numbers from carriers, as most VoIP companies have to do, and to offer special numbering sequences to our clients, which bring premium rates.
Based in Markham, Ontario, FCI Broadband is a facilities-based, broadband services company and CLEC that provides business and residential telecommunications solutions including local and long distance telephone, high speed Internet and data center services across the Greater Toronto Area.
Available in Nevada, Hawaii and areas of California, CommPartners proprietary IP/PSTN CLEC network coverage will reach 95% of domestic U.