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Estelle Hook, manager of the Norfolk Coast Partnership, said: More than 60,000 tourists walk the Norfolk Coast Path National Trail each year, and many enjoy the exceptional views from the trail across reedbeds and marsh to Cley Windmill at this point.
Francisco Alexandre de Lima Sales (I) Jose Antonio Delfino Barbosa Filho (II) Joao Paulo Rodrigues Alves Delfino Barbosa (III) Thales Vinicius de Araujo Viana (II) Cley Anderson Silva de Freitas (IV)
It was flying over Cley Marshes when a flock of geese, probably startled by the noise, took off and struck the aircraft.
Cley is 180 kilometers (about 110 miles) Northeast of London.
Cley, January 8 (BNA) -- Four people were killed when a US air force (USAF) helicopter crashed during a "low-level" training exercise.
We can confirm that one of our HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters went down outside Cley during a low-level flying exercise," said a spokesman at the USAF base.
I love Cley and Wells-next-the-Sea in north Norfolk.
ein Mann (und) ein Frau-Mann)' (Wogulische Volksdichtung III 148, 248), So ekapiy akekal cley, Xos csiy, wati csiy 'der Neffe einer alten Frau lebt mit (seiner) Tante, lange lebten sie (oder) kurze Zeit lebten sie (so)' (Wogulische Volksdichtung III 35), ostj.
4 CLEY WINDMILL, Norfolk AN 18TH century windmill-turnedguesthouse offers the perfect romantic hideaway at Cley-next-the-Sea, complete with four-posters, an atmospheric circular sitting room with roaring fire, and spectacular sea views.
Perched on the north Norfolk coast, the National Wildlife Trust's Cley marshes is one of the UK's finest bird-watching havens, its pools attracting waterbirds in their thousands.
I'd timed it very nicely, as a Pacific Golden Plover had turned up at Cley Marshes the day before we arrived, and it was a relief to see it still there.
Educated at Whitgift School and Purley High School, and then at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, chosen for its proximity to Cley in Norfolk, which later became his home, Simon first came to work in the UAE in 1993, to take up the post of Head of the Wildlife Management Unit at the National Avian Research Centre, which later became part of the Environmental Research & Wildlife Development Agency, ERWDA, (now the Environment Agency--Abu Dhabi, EAD).